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With the NFL season around the corner, and my Power Ranking already finished until the pre-season is over (  I was looking for something NFL to write about.  So, I made my NFL All Under Rated Team.  These are some guys that represented in 2006, but weren't given their fair share of credit.  Depending on how this post goes over look for my NFL All Over Rated Team soon.


QB- Damon Huard (KC) - Started only 8 games last year, but he posted 11 TD's to 0 INT's 1878 yards, and bosted the league's 2nd highest QB rating last year at 98.0.  The only QB better Peyton Manning. Now he is considered the #2 QB behind Broyle going into the 2007 season, and teams are 2nd guessing getting rid of Trent Green.


RB- Frank Gore (SF) - This is a tough position because you can argue for anyone outside of LT and LJ.  But Gore amassed 1695 yards and 8 TD's last year.  The most impressive part of Gore's season wasn't that he did all of that for the 49ers (which is pretty impressive) but that he averaged 5.4 yards a carry.  Which beats out LT's 5.2 and smokes LJ's 4.3.  If Gore can keep up this pace in 2007 and gets a few more carries maybe we can see him mentioned with those two.


WR- Roy Williams (Det)-  We all know the Lions took another  WR in the draft this year, but before you jump on them too much take a look at what one of those 1st round WR's did last year.  Williams ended the season with 82 catches 1310 yards and 7 TD's.  Not to shabby, and now with Calvin lining up on the other side expect less double coverage, but he will still have Kitna throwing the ball.  So don't expect too much.


WR- Javon Walker (Den)-  While his stats didn't lead the league in anything, it was by no means an off year for Javon.  He finished with 69 Catches 1084 yards and 8 TD's.  If you caught any of Denver's games last year you saw Javon catch some nasty passes from Jake Plummer.  Walker is coming into this season 100% and has a few tools on that offense that he didn't have to work with last year. If Cutler can handle the pressure of running the Broncos offense then you will see Javon Walker's name atop many WR categories at the end of this year.


TE- Kellen Winslow (Cle)-  Now I'm not a huge fan of "The Solider" but I can't argue with what he did last year.  In Kellen's first full year in the NFL he showed that he can play at this level.  89 Catches and 875 Yards paired with only 3 TD's Winslow is the Browns' future at TE.  With young QBs on that team looking to find an easy target look for this kid to only get better in the next few years.


FB, RT, RG, LG, LT, DE, DT-  All positions that are underrated to begin with, so why choose one guy per position?  I tip my cap to all NFL players on the front line.






OLB- Keith Bullock (Ten)- Another player that you hear very little about.  With the Titans turning around their season last year a lot of the credit went the way of Vince Young for the O and Pacman for the D.  Where is the love for Bullock? He led the Titans with 143 Tackles and 44 assists.  He also added his own TD last season.  While VY and Pacman plaid a large part on the turnaround, but  I'm willing to say that without Bullock the success in Tennessee wouldn't have happened.   


OLB- EJ Henderson (Min)- EJ looked good in 2007, which is had to do in those purple uni's that the Vikings wear.  He came through with 76 Tackles 33 Assists 3 Sacks and 2 Int last year.  Minnesota is another of those teams that is going to have to rely on a strong Defense next year.  If they will have any success I'm sure that Henderson will be a big reason for that.


MLB- DeMeco Ryans (Hou)-  At least the Texans got one pick right in the 2006 Draft.  This guy came to play in his rookie year with 125 tackles and 3.5 sacks which was more that Brian Urlacher.  If the Texans hope to stay a float in 2007 it will be on the back of the young Ryans.  This Defense could be one of the best in the league in the next few years depending on the development of these young players.


MLB- Kirk Morrison (Oak)- In Morrison's second year for Oakland he stood out in a good way.  This is something new for the lowly Raiders.  He led a stifling Defense with 101 tackles and 26 assists.  He also picked off two passes.  The good news in Oakland is that Morrison should increase those numbers in 2007 the bad news is that it will be easy with as much time at the Raiders Defense will be out on the field.  


CB- Nnamdi Asomugha (Oak)-  Not the easiest name to pronounce or to spell.  But, last season plenty of quarterbacks tried to figure out #21's name as he ran the other way with the ball.  The Raiders didn't have to wait long to get rid of the sing from the loss of Charles Woodson.  Asomugha came through and then some, he had 48 Tackles 8 Int 59 yards from int and a TD.  If he can keep this up I'm sure we will all know about the guy with two n's in his first name.


CB- Daven Holly (Cle)- Holly was cut from the Bears after only seeing action in 3 games.  Maybe Chi town should have kept this guy for a little bit longer.  Daven racked up 5 int last year, and dazzled players with 127 yards from those five int.  Daven only played in 14 games last year, which brings his grand total to 17 games in the NFL.  Trust me this guy has the ability to be on everyone's radar very soon.



FS- Kevin Kaesviharn (NO)-  Kevin was a huge pick up for the Saints this off-season, but the acquisition somehow made it off of the radar.  He had 48 tackles 15 assists 4 sacks and 6 int last season for Cincinnati.  Kevin brings a set of good hands to the Saints D that will be a sure fire contender this year.  He is one of those few XFL alums to make it in the NFL, and a couple more good years till he is in with the likes of Tommy Maddux and HE HATE ME.


SS- Chris Hope (Ten) - Hope was another one of those guys in the Titans D that got passed over when credit was due his way.  The guy had 89 tackles and 32 assists.  He also put in 5 interceptions.  Hope tried to bring the winning ways from Pittsburgh where he won a Super Bowl as a role player on Defense.  In Ten he is the man, and last year he lived up to that.


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