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Ok going in- we had two Major issues

1. We lost the original group- so all those picks are gone.

2. You had to Fanmail me the results.

So what was the Holdup in getting the results? Obviously I was waiting to see if the old page would comeup right?


I had it on Tivo- and wanted to wait until I saw it to read and get the results.

-- Well to compund that we had some MORE issues

1. I put all (3) picks in an Excel format- since obviously I can;t count.

2. It was on my work PC -

Overnight the powers that Be decided to re-image all the PCs - and I lost it all - even my own picks

I know I got Deigo right- but I had round 1

I know I picked Amir - But I picked Sub round 3

I'm pretty sure I had Fisher- But by Sub- I can;t recall

and I know I had Tanner by Des- and the Judge that gave the bout to Tanner was a MORON

So I'm stuck for a winner- I'm sure Head Kick or Someone picked them all right but oh well- welcome to Fannation 2008-

Well If the TUF results was the only thing I lost with the re-image I'd be ok.

My TUF thoughts

1. the Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera


2. I am a HUGE Deigo fan- always have been- and tell you the truth I keep forgetting he was on the show- I have the DVD of season 1- and he BARELY shows up some episodes- Then toward the end the show is Whoa we have this other dude fighting too!

But Deigo is back on track to being a monster- I don;t think he is NEAR ready to be a title fighter yet- but give him another year and he might go on a GSP type run- I think a well experienced fighter is going to sucker him one day with a shot and cut down his aggrssiveness QUICK

3. Spencer Fisher vs. Jeremy Stephens

Can we PLEASE get Ken-Flo vs Fisher now?

4. Amir Sadollah vs. CB Dollaway

I knew Amir would win- CB had LESS a chance of winning than Forrest does over Rampage-

A. CB is VERY good at take downs- but has the ground and pound of Silva - he got the mount CONSTANTLY on the show and I thinkhe busted ONE person open-

B. Amir has a VERY good chin- go CBs WEAK G&P is not going to KO Him- Now I'm not saying Tim is anything like early Tito- but he a WAY better than CB

C. CB Grabs way to much- and if you are grabbing me- I'm going to grab an armbar- and if you aren;t sweating- Its going to be deep and I only need to grab ONE- Amir grabbed 2 the first fight and easy win- this fight he grabbed ONE and DONE

D. It wasn;t a tap- sorry CB didn;t tap- he touched once- like he wanted to- but stopped

E. It didn;t matter- Amit had that DEEP- and had a LOT of time left- CB was NOT going to punch his way out- and Amir wasn;t going to let go

5. I never Liked Grove- Still don;t- I think he is STILL overrated- but if he learns to be more aggressive- If you stuck 10% of Diegos aggressiveness in Grove? He would be next to unstoppable on his feet- no WAY should Tanner have been able to push him- and you cannot tell me that Grove was in SOLID stall mode the last 2 minutes of round 3 - that might be what cost him the round. Tanner might be done in the upper eschelon- but for the older group- he is holding up his end better than KEN.

Well thats my thoughts- and Again, I'm sorry about the Pickem.


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