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Not all of these guys are available, in fact in the case of Ramos, Gago and possibly Richards and Benzema, I would assume they are not. But they're also not entirely off limits -- if someone offered Lyon 30M euros for Benzema, they'd take it. Just like 20M pounds for Richards will likely land him. Players at Real Madrid were included because of the possibility of them being included in some sort of arrangement for Cristiano Ronaldo.


Micah Richards -- My second choice at RB behind Sergio Ramos. As unlikely as Ramos is to come to Manchester, it may be just as unlikely that City sell him to United. 20M should be enough to change that stance.

Dimitar Berbatov -- Pretty obvious he's United's first choice for a new striker. Unlike a certain trick pony, he hasn't whined to the press about the deal not going through last summer, but I think it's obvious he wants out. Perfect target man, but I'm not a fan of the price tag -- 16M is more accurate, not 20.

Frank Ribery -- Bayern Munich say he's not for sale. We all know how well that tact works. His passing and creativity are awesome, but he tends to loaf a bit too much on defense and his scoring ability is pretty weak. Still that ball looks attached to his foot at times.

Jeremy Toulalan -- The DM playmaker we thought Michael Carrick would be.

Karim Benzema -- If there's one player I want this summer, it's Sergio Ramos, but if Benzema is awfully close. Didn't do much at the Euros, but neither did anyone else on France. Next Henry, but hopefully he'll not ask off in extra time of an important final, ala TH14.

Mario Gomez -- David Gill & Fergie pretty obviously rate Berbatov as a better player and I wont' say my opinion matters above their opinions because obviously it doesn't, but I do like Gomez more than Berbatov.

Bastian Schweinsteiger -- Plays a lot better for his country than club, but what a motor. Basically Park without the cluelessness. Still that club record worries me and the likely high price tag makes me think other better choices are out there.

Fernando Gago -- Again, only available through a move for CR7. I doubt Real would make him available, but then if they want to look at United's roster and salivate, I can do the same at their roster.

Torsten Frings -- Starting to break down, but he is a beast. Even his name is frightening. Really nice shot to boot. German Gatusso or Hargreaves. You can never have too many DMs.

Wesley Sneijder -- Obviously he would have to come in a deal for Ronaldo. Pressure doesn't seem to faze him, though he's streaky. Free kicks are wicked which means he and Hargreaves would be able to take that duty from Ronaldo. Love his energy and fire. Seems like he's a nasty disposition, which I like.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar -- He would fit in nicely with Tevez and Rooney as he is tall and can still dribble and pass. Not exactly a poacher, but still a big time scorer.

Andrei Arshavin -- Talk about a roll -- Zenit to the Euros. Like Schweinsteiger, his Euros are making him lots of money, but his play for Zenit show he can do it at club level. Absolutely class -- like most everyone that wasn't rooting for Holland on Saturday, this guy won me totally over and with Italy out, Russia's the squad I'm pulling for. Can obviously score, but unlike CR7 is a true playmaker, which aside from Scholes we don't really have. Anderson may develop into that, but this guy is it already.

Sergio Ramos -- Isn't having the best Euros, but then again he's playing on a team that's playing as individuals and not as a team the way Real Madrid play. Best RB in the world. Who knows if Real will be dumb enough to offer him to United, but if they do I hope Gill and Fergie take it!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- Not clutch, but we won the double with two other supposed not clutch players -- CR7 and Rooney. Tevez is clutch and Anderson has balls of steel after playing for approximately 40 seconds and nailing a penalty in the CL finals shoot=out. They can make up for it as Ibrahimovic scores 25+ goals. Who knows what the Special One's plans are for Inter, but if Ibrahimovic is available, I'm sure he'd be willing to sell to United to hurt Chelsea.

Valon Behrami -- Tommy Smyth's unfair attacks on him notwithstanding, I really like Behrami. I don't think he's a star, but he's a fast version sub that can play RB and RM. Injury prone and still rough around the edges, but his pace, dribbling and crosses are nice. Lazio would probably sell him relatively cheap.

Rogue Santa Cruz -- This deal depends solely on the price because I can't see him as anything but Saha's replacement. A really nice #3 striker, but I don't see him as a starter.

Diego -- Too good to be wasting his time at Werder Bremen. I'd be surprised if he doesn't go. I haven't heard anything about United going after him, but the thought of a 4-5-1 in Europe with Diego and Anderson feeding passes to Rooney or Tevez (or Benzema~) is too good for me not to dream.

David Bentley -- Obviously a step down from CR7 and likely to fetch a high price because he's English and the price tag for English players always seems to be too high, see Rio Ferdinand (30M pounds), David Beckham (24M pounds) and Darren Bent (16M pounds). If he was Spanish, the price tag would be 7M, but as he is that tag is at least double.

Royston Drenthe -- Again only as a part of the CR7 deal. I highly doubt Real would get rid of him, but again who knows. Can play anywhere on the left and he was great in the U-21s last year. Could be a replacement for Giggs eventually with Nani on the right, and a back-up to Evra.

Rafael van der Vaart -- A lot of fans love the guy, but I think he's a bit suspect. He reminds me of MMA fighter George St. Pierre -- technically very good and he wins, but he seems scared, especially since he had the chance to go to a lot of bigger clubs and went to Hamburg. Maybe it's unfair since playing at Hamburg gave him a chance to be the focal point and playmaker. But three years? One or two years, I get, but three? It's one thing to choke like Ibrahimovic and CR7, but it's another to lack desire. He's only a year older than Huntelaar and Huntelaar stayed at Ajax, so why the double standard? I don't have a problem with a guy not wanting to leave his home country, but I do have a problem with a guy realizing he needs to move on from his country to advance, but then going to small club.

Michael Owen -- No, no, no and no again. This is not the same Michael Owen that was so good early in his career. He's still 29, but he's an OLD 29. Even without the constant injuries, he's now slower and has lost a lot. Plus he's a smaller and weaker version of our other strikers. Really, what's the point? Make Liverpool angry? I don't get the fascination.

Ricardo Quaresma -- Look it's the less talented version of Ronaldo, but with even more attitude. Yay! There is a reason he's been in Porto for years with that much talent. He is the definition of a cancer.

Ronaldhino -- I thought the fat jokes were mean and not really true (more flabby, than fat), but the truth is this guy is/has drunk and partied his career away. If he turns it around it should not be at one of the biggest clubs in the world. IF he cleans up and stays healthy he will produce, no doubt, but that's a giant if. I'd like to see it happen, even if it is at City, but he needs to earn his return to top flight football.


Cristiano Ronaldo -- Yes, he scored 42 goals. Yes, he took every penalty kick and at least 1/2 the free kicks. Yes, his tricks are fun to watch. But he's not the best player in the world the way Real Madrid and Man United are going on about. He put up the best stats in the world for sure and he's deserving of his awards, but the fact is he is a midfielder and as a midfielder he lacks the ability and vision to create for others. Some say he played a part striker role this year. This is true, but Kaka and Messi do the same and still pass and create. Kaka can do everything that Ronaldo can do and more. He's a true playmaker with geniune creativity to set up other players. Leo Messi also plays a similar style to Ronaldo, but can still score after he has stopped. The simple fact is if you slow Ronaldo down or move him into the center of the field in open play, he is worthless. Kaka, Pirlo, Riquelme, -- these players can stand still and they would still be able to score or pass for a score. Even at what he does best -- play with tremendous pace, Messi does it better because he can go through the middle of the field and he's half Ronaldo's size! This isn't to say I don't appreciate what he brough to the team or think he is garbage, far from it. My point is if if someone is willing to pay "best player in the world money" you should take it if the guy is not the best player in the world. You may love your BMW, but if someone offers you Aston Martin money for that M3, you sell. Right now Real are offering Kaka money. Sell.

**** -- C'mon, the charade is over, he didn't bring in the Asian money he was expected because he's lousy.

Wes Brown -- You know England has a sorry team when he's not just on the team, but starting.

Louis Saha -- I like him a lot, but it's like a special event when he's available.  I really wish him well, but it's time to move on.

Michael Carrick -- Decent guy, decent player. I wouldn't actively shop him, but if United can secure a CM/DM the likes of a Toulalan, Gago or Diego, what's the point of Carrick? For depth, we'd still have Scholes and Fletcher with Anderson rotating with Hargreaves and the other CM. Really this is just if we can upgrade go ahead, other wise keep him.

Ji-Sung Park -- He has a purpose: energy. That's about it. You can find that elsewhere cheaper and better. I gave up on those ESPN announcers when they were "shocked" and "surprised" Park wasn't going to start or even be on the bench of the CL final. Why? Fletcher was back and Giggs was on the bench. Park is better than them? Really? Chris Eagles is a much better choice to fill his shoes.

Frazier Campbell -- Hmmmm, United needed an extra striker last year and apparently had a reserve ready to step up, but they loaned him out. After that seasoning, they're willing to sell even though we're still looking for another striker. Seems to me like someone is not that well thought of.

Mikael Silvestre -- Good player, but old and injury prone. He is very useful with his ability to play several positions and his giant egg head makes Rooney, Tevez and Nani feel less self-conscious, so there is that. In all seriousness, he's been very loyal and if he wants to stay I'm fine with it, but if he can first team football elsewhere I'm fine with him leaving too.  



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