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Welcome to the 11th installment of Love it ? or Hate it ? usual we take a subject and tell you whether we love it or hate it..feel free to throw in your 2-cents.

The panel this week consists of Harry Callahan, i B4 e, and It's All Mine!.

Have is too short.


The first subject is darts.


It's All Mine!: Love it.


I play darts a lot. Last winter I was in a cricket dart league, and placed 2nd overall (my team mate was first). I also placed 2nd in the season-ending tournament.

My friends and I play quite a bit at my house when the weather stinks. So I think I can safely say that I love it.


i B4 e: Love it.


Not like Sneaky Pete loves it, but it's an alright game. I would get my butt kicked but I like to play the game on occasion.


Harry: Love it.

I love both kinds..steel tip or electronic. You can't find the electronic much any more but it used to be a big deal in the sports bars in Florida.

Me and my cohorts would have beers lined up on the bar waiting on us from our prowess.

My honey even bought me an electronic board at Sears a couple years ago because of me constantly mentioning it..i have it in the garage..throw line measured to perfection..we have a blast.

Love the steel tips also..have my own set in the velvet lined case..THAT SPELLS DOOM !!! for most takers.I created a monster though..i tought her how to play and she sometimes whips my arse.


The second subject is lobster.


i B4 e: Love it.


I love eating them, just not cooking them. When I lived in Maine you could get ginormous lobster for half the price that you can here in Texas.

Funny story. I shipped some (live) to my mom once and her psycho boyfriend did not want to cook them so he just threw them out. It was all my wife could do to restrain me to keep form going home and ripping his head off and boiling it.


Harry: Love it.

Oh yeah' lobster is the bomb..just about the most perfect food. I think lobster and king crab are my favorite seafood followed by shrimp.

Only thing better than lobster is a little surf and turf action with lobster and a porterhouse steak... mmmmmmm.


It's All Mine!: Love it.


I love me some lobster! Some years ago, there were two guys from Maine hereabouts, and at the end of the summer season, they had family back home send a case of live lobster on ice to us here in the Rockies.

So while it snowed outside, we ate boiled lobster with homemade dinner rolls, baked potatoes, asparagus, and beer. This may be my favorite lobster day.


The third subject is camping.


Harry: Love it.

I dont get a chance to do it as much as i used to but i enjoy it.


Your in the great outdoors..drinking cold at bacon with a fork sizzling in a pan over an open fire..hanging around the fire at night laughing and telling stories.


The set up and break down of the tents..getting eaten alive by mosquitos..tossing and turning in a hot tent..getting woke up 5 or 6 times during the night to take one of the girls safely to the restrooms with a flashlight.



It's All Mine!: Love it.


I LIVE for camping! I used to hike for miles to get to a good camp site. And I also used to ski for miles to get to some choice soaking (called "hot pots").

But now that I don't enjoy the effort like I used to, I am perfectly content to "car camp". All I need is my 4x4 and my gear, and I'm gone, Daddy! Solid gone!

In fact, day before yesterday, I got back from a stupendous trip to a place in the mountains that I had never been to before.

When it came time to drive homeward, I was like the little kid who threw a fit because he didn't want to leave. So my buddy threatened to drive away in MY Jeep with MY beer. That's how he got me to leave willingly.

Does anyone want to camp this weekend?


i B4 e: Love it.


Did I mention that I love camping. Are you kidding me? I'm a regular Grizzly Adams.

I can pitch a tent, start a fire, get the beer iced down to the perfect temperature, get the fresh catfish filets frying - all in the time it can take IAM to drink 47 beers.

If fishing and camping were ever outlawed you would have to lock me up in a padded rooom.


And for the fourth subject we turn to is Angelina Jolie.




i B4 e: Hate her.

Angelina: Hate her.
No special reason. She doesn't do anything for me.


It's All Mine!: Love her.


I'm not on the "Branjelina" bandwagon, but she is ALL woman! BEAUTIFUL, but not perfect. GOOD actress, but not great.

I love "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Not a FANTASTIC movie, but fun. She is not the BEST in her line of work, but she is decent.

She doesn't have the HIGHEST set of standards, but she's compassionate. She's not the MOST accessible starlet, but she's been interviewed.

She doesn't have the GREATEST badonkadonk, but it's nice. She hasn't got HUGE...what? I'm done? Okay, her.


Harry: Love her.

She can be both fiery hot and then you see another picture and she has this big dry "I am dehydrated" cracked lips thing going on. 

When she came out all dressed up in the black dress in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"..she was stunning...but as Nick Cage's rasta headed girlfriend in " Gone in 60 seconds"..not so much.


And for the fifth and final subject we turn to Shaq.


Harry: Hate him.

Why do so many athletes automatically think they are good rappers or actors because they are celebrities at sports ?

Some do make the transition.. but Shaq ? Sorry he stinks at both rapping and acting...well actully i don't listen to i take that one back. I know the Kobe one all over the place is awful...even though he was just messing around.

The guy can probably take a dump that is bigger than i am..i will give him that.


i B4 e: Love him.


What's not to love about the big lug? OK, I chose love him because I don't really hate him or love him, but since a certain Pier member doesn't like the indifferent answer, I chose to love him.

Sometimes I wish he would just shut up and retire already. He is no longer the game changing force he used to be. But back in his prime, he was unstoppable.

I will send him this memo: you still couldn't hit the broadside of a barn from the free throw line.


It's All Mine!: Love him.


Not in that one kind of way, but in the other kind of way. When he was younger, he was such a force for teams to have to deal with, that just the logistics alone changed the dynamics of the game.

His interviews and his calling himself the Big Aristotle always cracked me up, because I viewed it as a self-deprecating kind of humor. Not as funny and endearing as Sir Charles, but entertaining.

Okay, so those things don't really have anything to do with it. It's actually the two rookie cards I have safely tucked away. Four championships makes them special, you see.


Well that's it folks..we hope you liked it..if always..we could give a crap.





                                     This has been a Pier-11 production.






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