"Cleveland's" Blog

1. Linkin Park.  They have great songs like "Bleed it Out," "Numb," and "What I've Done". The band plays with great energy and have some of the best music out there today.

Linkin-Park-w15.jpg    Linkin-Park-w10.jpg

2. Thousand Foot Krutch. They throw in some really cool beats in with most of their music, and I would have to say their best song is "Falls Apart." This song has a deep sounding tone to it, and just about anyone could get into it.


Thousand Foot Krutch 

3. Three Days Grace. This is an awsome band that just about everyone I know likes. They're famous for their songs "Riot," "Pain", and "Animal I have Become". "Riot" and "Pain" are my personal favorites that I can't get enough of.


4. Breaking Benjamin. This band is simular to Linkin Park ,but they have great music, and they're mostly reconized by their songs "Until the End," "Diary of Jane," and "Breath."

5. Three Doors Down. They are well know for the song "It's Not My Time." I love that song and I think iv'e listened to it over 25 times easily. And the music video to that song is a good one. It actually makes sense with the song because a guy is running through the city (Cincinnati Oh) and saves a women in a car from getting clobbered.


6. Hinder. "Lips of an Angel" is one of their best songs in my opinion. It's not to slow but not fast, and im not really into the whole love song stuff, but that  a good song. And I don't mind hearing it more than once.