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For the life of me, I really can't understand why people feel the need to issue throwdowns and write blogs that predict future World Series champions and Super Bowl winners.

If you do a season preview and make predictions, thats great. If you process some mock drafts for the rest of us to take a look at - I appreciate it, as long as its a good, competent read.

But this blog is targeted specifically at throwdowns popping up all over Fan Nation that have little to do with argument rhetoric and much to do about inane, easy to win topics. What am I taking aim at specifically? Something that looks like this:

"The Giants will not Repeat as Super Bowl Champions."

Seems harmless at first glance, right? Well, its not. Its a recycled topic brought forth by people with nothing better to do than to jump on last year's winners simply out of team hatred. These throwdowns are issued specifically by fans of opposing NFC East franchises, and even others that lack a clue. The arguments, besides being sub-par, are laughably short and usually focus on the fact that the Giants got lucky.

Here is the problem with this topic: Teams rarely EVER repeat. The teams that repeat as champions are usually dynastical organizations that are put together perfectly. Teams with coaching & player continuity. One need not look any further than the Patriots franchises of this decade. Thats arguably a dynasty. You can argue a topic about the Patriots repeating or not repeating. It actually holds water.

But why, almost daily, do we have to look at someone's keyboard vomit taking aim at the Giants? They won the Super Bowl. Get over it. Everyone knows they were not the 'best' team in the NFL last year. Everyone knows they got hot at the right time. But they own a ring. They won it all. And the respect, which I as a fan show to all the other franchises that win year after year, is owed to them.

Maybe you're a hater. Maybe you're a fan of an opposing team whose own team isn't worth squat, and gets beat up year after year. I have one: A team whose QB rhymes with shmushnabb. The team shmushnabb plays for can't win. And you're angry because of it. Get over it. Its a new season.

My other issue here: The topic is laughably easy. You can get dozens of people to agree with you even if you scribble "HOT DOG" or "RUBBER BAND" in the argument section. You can get 100 blog views simply by mentioning the Giants, and then typing about a leper tied to a dead elephant in Botswana, and still have people comment that you're on target.

Teams don't generally repeat, while it is possible. But that doesn't mean you have free reign to jump all over last year's champs because you feel depressed about your own squad. Get a clue.


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