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Julian Tavarez: He refused a minor league assignment and became a Free Agent. Tavarez is 35 years old and came in the league 15 yrs ago in 1993. He has played for 9 teams.  In the last 2 1/2 yrs between Boston and Milwaukee he hasn't faired that well.  Boston 2006/07 he established an ERA of 4.47/5.15 respectively. While recently in Milwaukee he has posted a 7.20 ERA in 20 innings and an 8.59 in last seven relief innings.  I don't see any chance of him getting better.  My pick: Retire

Mike Hampton: Hampton is 35 year old and debuted in 1993 and is currently making 15.4M and will make 20M in 09.  In 2005 he he had 5 trips to the Dl and missed 118 games. In 2005 he had Tommy John surgery and missed the entire 2006 season, while rehabbing. He seemed to be on his way back when he strained his left oblique and missed the entire 2007 season.  He is currently on the DL and they say is expected back in late July.  He is currently on Playing for the Braves and has been on the 15 day DL for 3 years.  My pick: Retire 

Jason Schmidt: He is 35 years and is making 15.2M this year. He has played for 4 teams and has career ERA 3.94 and hasn't been under 4.40 in 3 years.  Currently on the Dl rehabbing from shoulder surgery last year.  Only played in 6 game last year and it seems he might make it make by the end of Jul. I reserve the right to change my mind if he ends up missing the whole season. My pick: Stay

Nomar Garciaparra: He is 35 year old and has played for only 3 teams, Boston, ChiC and L.A. Dodgers. Hasn't played in more than 122 gms since 2004.  Didn't reach 100 gms in 2004/05 and only 9 gms in 2008. He was a very good player average wise from 1997-2007.  He averaged .312 for 10 years.  His highest average was .372 in 1999 with Boston and lowest .283 with LAD. He recently found out that he has a genetic predisposition to injury, according to Xchange notes. The condition causes him to develop more scar tissue at the injury site then the average person, with the tissue limiting his flexibility and increasing the likeihood he will aggravate the injury by playing on it.  My pick: Retire

Luis Gonzalez: 40 Years old and currently playing for Florida.  He has a .272 average for 213 at bats.  He has been playing full time due to the injury of Josh Willingham, who has just been activated from the DL.  Luis will probably be headed back to the bench, but can still be a available piece of this team.  Good pinch hitters are hard to find.  He has played for 6 teams, mostly Houston 6 1/2 years and Arizona 8 years.  Has a career average .284. M pick: Stay

Tom Glavine: 42 years old and making 8M.  Even with his age he has stayed pretty healthy.  He has only played for 2 teams his entire career, Atlanta and New York Mets.  Currently has an ERA 4.85, which is high by any standards, but that could be due to the elbow injury that has him currently on the DL.  He has been pretty steady most of his career and should continue at that pace.  He not accepted back until after the all-star game.  I think he should give it at leastone more year and see how it goes.  My pick: Stay

Moises Alou: Moises is 42 year old and injury prone.  He hasn't played in more then 98 games in the last 2 1/2 years and could probably be out the rest of this year.  He has played on 7 teams since 1990 and has a decent average, but can't seem to stay healthy.  At 42, it takes longer to heal and at 7.5M, the Mets could get a few younger players. My pick: Retire 

Curt Schilling: 41 years old and making 8M.  Has been pretty durable and over the last 20 years has played for 5 teams.  Currently with BNoston and has an ERA 3.46.  His current rehab will probably be rough and Curt isn't sure it worth the effort.  He has had a nice career, but its time to go and spend time with the family. My pick: Retire 

Tony Clark:  36, currently with S.D. Padres.  Has played for 6 teams in 14 years.  He hasn't been a starter in a few years and with Adrian Gonzalez at first, he'll remain on the bench.  He has a currently average .264, although is currently hitting only .234 with 8 rbi's.  As far as pinch hitters go he is average, but its time to get some youngster a chance. My pick: Retire 

Frank Thomas: He is 40 yrs old and plays for Oakland and is making 12.5M.  He has played for only 3 teams.  Spent most of his career with Chicago White Sox.  He is currently hitting only .258, but has still been more productive then his replacements at DH, since going on the DL on 28 May.  He does have power and will be a viable part of the A's when he returns form the Dl. My pick: Stay 

Remember this is just my opinion, what's yours?  



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