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WINNER: It is definitely Portland.  First, they get Jerryd Bayless, the best 1 and 2 mix in this draft.  He will be as good as Dwayne Wade in a few years.  He's a great shooter and can play on and off the ball.  Then they get Joey Dorsey, who is a beast in the paint.  He's built like a fullback and is a great finisher.  Dorsey is joined by Darrell Arthur, who is the biggest steal in this draft.  He fell to the Hornets, but he should have gone in the top 15.  He can run the floor better than any other power forward in this draft.  The Blazers have set themselves up for a Finals run next year.

LOSER: Definitely the Indiana Pacers.  They have future star Jerryd Bayless at a position of need.  Then the illiterate hick Larry Bird trades him to Portland for Brandon Rush, Jarrett Jack, and Josh McRoberts.  Rush is a defender who can make the occasional three.  One Rush is enough.  Jack is a career backup.  McRoberts went to Carmel.  Nuff said there.  Hibbert was taken over Arthur and Koufos.  I don't think I have to comment on that one.  Pathetic.  Bird should be fired at 3 AM like Willie Randolph.  I'm sure the Pacers won't get the number 1 pick next year even though they will easily have the worst record in the league.  The NBA won't let a small market team get the first pick.

Now, onto the predictions.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
1. Boston Celtics (1)
2. Toronto Raptors (4)
3. New Jersey Nets (7)
4. Philadelphia 76ers (9)
5. New York Knicks (13)

Central Division
1. Detroit Pistons (3)
2. Cleveland Cavaliers (5)
3. Chicago Bulls (10)
4. Milwaukee Bucks (12)
5. Indiana Pacers (15)

Southeast Division
1. Orlando Magic (2)
2. Washington Wizards (6)
3. Charlotte Bobcats (8)
4. Atlanta Hawks (11)
5. Miami Heat (14)

Western Conference

Northwest Division
1. Portland Trailblazers (2)
2. Utah Jazz (6)
3. Denver Nuggets (9)
4. Minnesota Timberwolves (13)
5. Seattle/Oklahoma City Sonics (15)

Pacific Division
1. Los Angeles Lakers (1)
2. Golden State Warriors (5)
3. Phoenix Suns (8)
4. Sacremento Kings (12)
5. Los Angeles Clippers (14)

Southwest Division
1. New Orleans Hornets (3)
2. San Antonio Spurs (4)
3. Houston Rockets (7)
4. Dallas Mavericks (10)
5. Memphis Grizzlies (11)


Boston over Charlote
Orlando over New Jersey
Detroit over Washington
Toronto over Cleveland
Boston over Toronto
Orlando over Detroit
Boston over Orlando

Los Angeles over Phoenix
Portland over Houston
New Orleans over Utah
Golden State over San Antonio
Los Angeles over Golden State
Portland over New Orleans
Portland over Los Angeles

NBA Finals
Portland over Boston in 7


NBA MVP: Chris Paul, NO
NBA ROY: Greg Oden, POR
NBA COY: Nate McMillen, POR
NBA Most Improved: Jose Calderon, TOR
NBA DPOY: Kevin Garnett, BOS

All-NBA Team
G: Chris Paul, NO
G: Kobe Bryant, LAL
F: LeBron James, CLE
F: Kevin Garnett, BOS
C: Dwight Howard, ORL

All-Rookie Team
G: Jerryd Bayless, POR
G: Derrick Rose, CHI
F: Donte Green, MEM
F: Joe Alexander, MIL
C: Greg Oden, POR

Leading Scorer: Kobe Bryant, LAL
Leading Rebounder: Dwight Howard, ORL
Assist Leader: Deron Williams, UTAH
Steals Leader: Baron Davis, GS
Blocks Leader: Greg Oden, POR

2009 NBA Draft Top 5

1. Hasheem Thabeet, UCONN
2. Ricky Rubio, INT
3. Brandon Jennings, INT
4. Blake Griffin, OKLA
5. Earl Clark, LOU


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