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A Host Named NCshvDavid: Welcome one and All to the Second week Predictions show
Let me welcome you all and let me say something before we get back to the fun- I am tired of this tourney getting VERY little Votes- kind of sad a goofy Jeter TD can get 12 votes- but a round 1 matchup to determine the BEST TDer on this site gets less than that.

Bigalke: It certainly IS sad, especially since I’d hoped we’d see every throwdowner in the tournament taking the time and trouble to vote on everyone else’s throwdowns. I must say that my esteemed colleague here in the booth has certainly been vigilant enough in posting the links for everyone to follow...

AHNN: But enough of that - on with the Fun!

#1 DetroitFan* BS: Red Wings 3-1!  Vs  #17 A throwdowner named NCshvDavid

AHNN:  Ghost missed on D-Fan but Bigalke -We both saw this one coming- and even though nick gave me a MONSTER scare his comeback fell a bit short- so instead of losing last week, I lose this week.

Bigalke: Nick had a great throwdown against you and should be commended. We’ll get to his next throwdown later, but suffice it to say now that he is a formidable opponent for anybody right now -- I also just had a throwdown that ended up a draw for the TD Masters Tourney against him just a few days ago, and he is on good form.

AHNN: Let me just say I’m not going to make this easy- but D-Fan is my pick for a reason

Bigalke: Here’s why I’m going AGAINST your pick, David. What we see here is perhaps the marquee matchup of the tournament to this point. We have the top dog on the win-percentage leaderboard, the top seed of the tournament... and in the second round he has the misfortune of coming up against the guy on this site who JUST HAPPENS to have the most wins in FanNation throwdown history.

With his recent lack of debating activity, and your own perpetual hyperactivity, in the throwdown arena, DetroitFan simply won’t be prepared for your verbal onslaught. A warmed-up debater is one who will be better able to pick holes in his opponent’s argument... and David is the more warmed-up debater in this contest.

AHNN: This time someone forgot Ghost hunters work visa to the Ocho Studios ( smiles as Bigalke – who grins as he pats his pocket) So to be the third wheel ..

Bigalke: Literally

AHNN: D-Fan!!! Detroit Fan is going to give us a quick-hit pick at the end.

DetroitFan:  Probably the most stubborn 16 year old person on fannation, if he is not right, he will flare up and take you down. Not emotionally, and not physically. Yes... you know what I mean. (That guy is good looking, don't you think?)
NCshvDavid - Thinks he is better than everyone with his bajillion wins but who is he trying to fool? Puts some glasses on and look at those whopping bajillion losses too, he has no chance. Just give up.

FINAL PICKS (keep in mind this was before any Tds)
Bigalke: NCshvDavid
D-Fan:  The Pimp with a Ring-Pop Ring...

#24 Bigalke Vs #25 GOAT

AHNN: NONE of us had this one in our brackets- Bigalke- you were the only one to pick you and Ghost is the only one to pick GOAT- so this one busted our brackets Kind of fun seeing 2 low ranked get in here so far the lower seed is 3 of 4!

Bigalke: It sure is nice seeing the bracket busted a little. It would indeed be sad if all that really mattered in deciding the best throwdowner really WERE just looking at win percentage. Honestly, though, I’m most glad that I get to pick the topic here. For some reason I’ve been getting a lot of basketball topics lately... I most certainly did NOT need to be taking on GOAT in an NBA throwdown.

AHNN: Bigalke just was named number TWO by the prestigious Atroo rankings – This is kinda nice- the top SEVEN are in this tourney- I can live with that.

Bigalke: All the accolades in the world, though, will be nothing if I can’t remain focused on the opponent at hand. GOAT is on good form right now... and he snuck up on both of us last round... but I’m confident in my chances here, especially since the topic will be better suited to my strengths...

AHNN: Oh great- cycling topics….

D-Fan: Bigalke - A drunk that knows how to argue. Sounds like hanging out at the bar really does help you in life. It helps you gain a hangover, and possibly a victory in the tourney.
G.O.A.T. - A young, dim-witted soul who is lost in his basketball videos of when the Suns and Hornets last won Championships. Did they have video tapes back then?

AHNN: Bigalke – Gotta go with the Hot Hand
Bigalke: Sorry, GOAT... but I’ve just got to go with myself here...
D-Fan: G.O.A.T. just to see if Alke gets mad...

Bigalke: No need to get mad... fair is fair... after all, I DID pick David over yourself... but enough of this. Let’s move on to the next matchup...

#12  [MOH] Coach v. #5  PhillyEagles36

AHNN: I got this on MY bracket- anyone else? BigA you missed both but GH had Philly- Since I know what I’m talking about- I’ll break this down, Coach is going to be the Justin Credible to my Lance Storm! But this one should be interesting-  Unlike Stowe- Philly does not have to go baseball- and he is the higher seed

Bigalke: Philly would be wise to steer clear of baseball. I think he’ll be smart enough to do so... though Coach is no slouch should the topic veer into other national pastimes. I’m going to defer to the guy who actually got this sectional of the bracket correct, though... so what do you think, David?

AHNN: I’m going Homer Pick

Bigalke: Sorry, Philly... I trust the Throwdowner... er, Host named NCshvDavid on this one...

D-Fan: [The] Coach - He nags all day to me about how he can't get a HOF nomination and even attempts with death threats. Too bad he cannot nag and send his TD to everyone for a victory this time.
PhillyEagles36 - He is a loss waiting to happen with all of these wins. He sits there and complains on how he can't be as good as anyone else on this site, yet we keep telling him that he made it this far. Further than the Eagles have gotten in recent years.

Bigalke: Coach
D-Fan:  PhillyEagles with the upset

#13 Steveo16220 says:get a life Vs #4  Ghost...will survive!!

AHNN: Only Ghost didn’t see this one coming – Hey Steve- Ghost picked you to LOSE!

Bigalke: Steveo often gets less respect than he deserves... and he gets the opportunity to best the guy who had NO faith in him here in the prediction show. Or was that pick by Ghost just fear that he might have to face him?... because he is looking good lately...

AHNN: Steveo made me VERY glad I wasn;t facing him- beating Dyhard who was on a pretty good run lately- Ghost should get a good NFL topic here- but watch this one- it should be VERY good.

Bigalke: I’m looking forward to this one as well, David...

AHNN: Hey Steveo! Did we mention that Ghost also said your Daddy dresses you funny in knee-highs!

D-Fan: Steveo - Well, when he first came here he had a Curious George Icon, now it is a tatoo icon. Will puberty lead him to victory?
Ghosthunter - He was the loser who had the job before me, but he thinks he has a shot with Anne Hathaway, he is nuts but he's got the guts. On second thought, does he have nuts either?

Bigalke: I have to give Steveo the respect here...
D-Fan: Ghosthunter

#3 The Bandit Vs #14 thehemogoblin is anti-mullet

AHNN: I am the only one to get this correct- We all had Hemo but Bandit opened a lot of eyes beating the Squirrel

Bigalke: He sure did, David. This should be an excellent matchup between these two. Bandit opened a lot of eyes even though he is the three seed here, and hemo has simply been insanely good as of late. I predict fireworks here...

AHNN: This should be a great one though- Hemo is dayum scary right now- But the Bandit still has the topic choice – and with Hemo’s number 2 being NFL I’m guessing bandit goes that way.

Bigalke: Hemo has just tested me too many times lately... I can’t see him allowing himself to drop a loss in the second round...

AHNN: Watch the Bandit here- beating SS like he did in a VERY good TD and Hemo might be close to burning a circuit here – I mean to keep up what he has lately is going to wear on you.

D-Fan: The Bandit - Well, the Raiders have not done anything recently, except a win here or there... kind of reminds me of someone, don't you think?
Hemo - A fool who cannot get even his own name straight. When you think about his name you think about those freaky little gremlins from the movie. That could really phase someone, just like the Ducks do in Oregon... Wait. They don't.

AHNN:  Hemo
Bigalke: Hemo
D-Fan:  Hemo

#22 Bigdleech  Vs #6 Porkins: Respects Respect

Bigalke: Both these guys were on my bracket. A lot of people figured that LIFER would get the better of Leech, but I was confident that he could pull off the “upset” win.

AHNN: Ok Bigalke, we have to give you credit here- you got this one- I missed Leech and Ghost angered Porky- Interestingly- Porkins beat Lifer to get here- and Leech beat Lifer in the play-in game! I would expect a NFL topic here- and Porkins is looking to make a statement- but Leech is no pushover.

Bigalke: Wow... I don’t know what is weirder -- that BOTH these guys in this present matchup beat the same guy to get here; that LIFER dropped two in a row; or that LIFER is still, humorously enough, in the tournament despite those two losses. Should he end up winning this whole thing those two losses could come back to cast doubts on the legitimacy of this thing...

Enough of that here. We’ll talk more of LIFER later. Both Bigdleech and Porkins should be on form, but I imagine that the man who respects respect will prevail...

AHNN: I don’t think so- Lifer is a HOF caliber TDer- and if you lose in round 1 and still win- he still is going to have to take down some big names- the next show we are going to be looking at the losers bracket- and after next week, at MOST only 1 of us 3 are going to be on this side of the shelf.

Bigalke: Fair enough, David. It is true that there are NO easy matchups in this tournament, and whoever wins will come out as arguably the greatest throwdowner on FanNation...

D-Fan: Bigdleech - A person who loves his Steelers too much. He sleeps in the jammies with Steeler logos on the footsies, and everything. However, the Big D stands for something... I would say it, but we are trying to keep it G rated and I would be lying if I said what I was going to say...
Porkins - Sluggish, piggish, makes jokes that aren't funny, your typical Ohio State Buckeye Fan...

AHNN: Red-5
Bigalke: Porkins
D-Fan: Porky Porkinstein

#10 0x NBA/NFL Champion v. #7 Cain.Willis Amigo
AHNN:  We all had Cain in here- but only I picked 0x in here- 0x proved he don’t need no bye in the first round- and I for one am glad. Nice to see a guy stick his chest out and win for once – win or lose I have a TON of respect for 0x. Cain However is going to get a good shot at beating him – I expect this to be another MLB TD witch both these guys EXCEL at- It might not be Coach/Stowe- but Its gonna be durn good.

Bigalke: It sure is nice to see this matchup... both these two impressed in the first round, and the second should be no less thrilling. Both have high positions on the leaderboard, both have faced accusations of cherry-picking, and both now get to prove their mettle against each other...

AHNN: Either way one of these two are going to have a lot of respect coming out of this- and I don’t get the whole cherry picking thing- you don’t go into a tourney Like this and expect to be tops on the Leaderboard coming out- But I tell you win or lose- both these TDers shut their critics up just by signing up on here.

Bigalke: I think the fact that Cain/Willis gets to choose the topic here is of central importance. This, in the end, should allow him to go through against stiff competition from the man without a championship...

D-Fan: 0x - Does the 0 indicate how many more wins he will get in this tourney, or how many Championships the Vikings ever gotten or Both? With a bad attitude like that, he is destined to achieve victory... well, it depends.
Cain.Willis - He comes out of the shadows every once in a while and strikes a throwdown. However, he has not been striking recently just like the Giants for the past few years.

AHNN: 0x
Bigalke: Cain/Willis
D-Fan: 0x

#15 Denis24 is Kimbo Vs #2 Wallace

Bigalke: Wallace came out of retirement and surprised no one by defeating dudeman, who simply wasn’t yet seasoned enough to face a veteran like Wallace. Denis should prove a more formidable foe, though... he is prepared, he is focused and he is coming off a victory of his own. What do you think, David? Is the rust officially off Wallace yet?

AHNN: Wallace is dang good- and its not like he forgot how to type or use WIKI or CNNSI to steal 1200 characters. Wallace keeps saying he’s too rusty for this- but I bet he still has a LOT of fight for him- But Dennis is DAYUM good- I’ve been in a few TDs vs him- and I have a TON of respect for his skills- and I guarantee you after this TD win or lose the rust is gone after this round.

Bigalke: Whoever loses will be a MAJOR contender in the loser’s... er, let’s call this the one-loss bracket... in round three. Personally, I think that Wallace still has the mystery of time hanging over him and will ultimately be able to fight through for the win in this throwdown. As you so poignantly remind us, David, throwdowning is a lot like riding a bicycle -- one does not forget the mechanics of this with the passing of time...

AHNN: Take your word for it BigA- Wallace has the 2 seed- and Dennis does have NFL on his list and even though Wallace is good- I’ll say right now he goes for an NFL topic- There is only a handful of people on here that can take Dennis down in the NBA- but any topic Wallace comes up with I bet Dennis is not about to go down without a fight.

D-Fan: Denis24 - 24 what? Does anybody know what this means? Is he trying to get cocky qand say how many votes he will win all his TD's by with cockiness? How many hours it takes him to make each argument, or how many votes he will lose by? That number is only making him look bad.
Wallace - He always tries to tell me he is better than everyone else on this site and his arguments blow us away. I told him to write a list of people he is better than, and in the end the paper was blank once he saw the truth to his mediocre, nasty, horrible, arguing skills. 49 wins and 3 losses? Are you kidding me?

AHNN: Wallace
Bigalke: Wallace
D-Fan: Wally because I love him

Bigalke: Well, folks, this festival of prognostication is now complete... stay tuned in the next few days for the predictions in the one-loss bracket... but for now, for A Host named NCshvDavid and our guest commentator, DetroitFan, this is Bigalke signing off from the Ocho Studios here at FanNation. Take these predictions for what you will, and enjoy the ongoing Elite Throwdown Tournament!


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