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Hey guys I have decided that I need to go ahead and get some of this mess sorted out.  I also would like to announce to you that thebasketballguru has decided to let the winner of this tourney be the Rep. for soccer on the FanNation Guru Tourney.  This is going to be huge and the winner will enjoy the experience and will TD against the best of the best.  Here are the people that I have so far signed up:

1. Keeper

2. Stauff

3. jeevs

4. Bigalke

5. ctsubasa- Who does the naturalization of Brazilians hurt the most? The Brazilian natl team or the players from the other countries where the naturalized players evolve?

6. Officer Favra

7. cowace2- Is it good for nations to limit the number of foreign players in domestic leagues?

8. D'A

9. thehemogoblin

10. GoldenThread- Which National Team Will Go farthest In The 2010 World Cup, Mexico or The USA?

11. thebasketballguru- Biggest dissapointment of Euro 2008

12. Mike_E

13. D-Wreck

14. Notorious O.T.T.

15. dyhard

16. mikehealy

17. Big Chaco-Which league develops better players: the Dutch or the Portuguese?

18. Burgundy

19. NY- Who is the best player that has ever been born in the United States?

20. J23

21. gvp4

22. Hyped78

23. j11forbes

24. Underdog Champion

25. VY- Which American field player will make the biggest headlines in the 2008/09 season?

26. madler- Who should host the 2018 World Cup-US, England or other?

27. GH- Which premiership teams will qualify for the Chamions League next year?






Other TD Topics

Biggest dissapointment of Euro 2008 so far. 
Biggest suprise of Euro 2008 so far.                                                      Will Canada qualify for the 2010 World Cup.
Who will win Euro 2008. 
Biggest Suprise of the MLS season so far. 
Biggest dissapointment of the MLS season so far. 
Has David Beckham helped or hurt the LA Galaxy 
Is selling US born players to European leagues good or bad for the MLS.

Does the US have a chance at reaching the 2010 WC Final?

Which big transfer rumor is most likely to happen? 

Truth or Myth....America doesn't like soccer.

Which Two Teams are most likely to face each other in the 2008 MLS Cup?

What is the best professional league in the world?

Should the African Cup of Nations reschedule to be outside of the European domestic season?

Does playing through the winter help or hurt English football?

Could an MLS all star team make it out of the groups in the Champion's League?

If you could change one rule of the game, which would it be and why?

Should European clubs be restricted from contracting players before the age of consent?

Do you support a salary or transfer spending cap in the major European leagues?

Should a team have to be fiscally solvent before spending transfer funds, or is it the owner's decision to sink money into a non-solvent club (eg: Chelsea)?

Should FIFA/UEFA start mandating more protective shoes and leg padding for professional players?

What was the biggest managerial mistake thus far in Euro 08?

Is American college soccer impeding the development of top talent?

America somehow produces a player with world class talent. Is the MLS the best place for them to start their career?  

Should Porto be allowed back in the CL?

who will win Serie A next season?

who will win la Liga next season? 

who will win the EPL next season? 

what team has made the best moves so far in the transfer window?






If you still plan to be in the tourney then please leave 1 topic that you would like to see someone else use for a TD.  If you still can't come up with a topic then you may pick one from the Extra list.  Please tell me.  If you still want in then I need you to sign up.  We will have the brackets out Wednesday and I also need to talk to Stauff if you are around.  If you don't show up then I'll need a fourth volunteer to help myself, Bigalke, and jeevs organise the tourney.  Good luck to all and thanks for you time. 


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