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it's high time we got to know each other!  Below is a little questionnaire I stole borrowed from another blogger...needless to say, this post is all about me!

Ten Random Things About me.......

10.  I don't eat fruits or veggie's...but EVERYTHING in my house is low fat, fat free, low carb or no carb, point being, if you come to my house bring your own food and drinks!  P.S.  I do LOVE the occasional cookie and/or cake, did someone say sweet potato pie!!!!!!!!

9.  I lived in Germany for four years...military brat

8.  I snore like a man...unattractive I know

7.  I've never been in a committed relationship....I once talked to the same guy for two months but he lived across the country so not sure if that counts, needless to say something is amiss in my love life!

6.  I love to go to the movies alone and order a large popcorn with extra butter and white cheddar flavoring with a large diet soda (gotta watch the waistline somewhere!)

5.  I love margaritas and red wine!

4.  I'm a gym rat...five to six days a week, go HARD on the weekends

3.  My mother is my best friend...we look like twins.

2.  At first impression people think I'm a stuck up biotch...but I'm not I'm just a shy girl, I open up quick though

1.  I have A LOT of friends....and I LOVE making new friends!


Nine Ways to win my heart......................

9.  Call me your "Shorty"

8.  Be Chill, its ok to wear a fitted, a white tee, sweats, and matching ones when we're chillin; suit to work Jordan's at the crib.

7.  Listen to hip-hop and r&b, by that I mean Mos Def, Common, Nas AND Rick Ross, Luda, Jay-Z, Wayne (gotta love Wayne,) Trina, and Yola....respect Beyonce, Chrisette Michelle and Alicia Keys.

6.  Be genuine.....love me, need me, and desire me....know me well enough to make me happiest and maddest, find my corny jokes and unique mannerisms adorable, get lost in my big brown eyes (if you cannot do these things...I'll take single for 600!)

5.  Be a MAN's MAN ....if not I will run right over you....this includes loving football!

4.  Have a nice physique...be tall and big enough to pick me, to hold me and make me feel protected (I'm 5'2 this shouldn't be hard,) and most importantly have nice hands and forearms

3.  Love your family, moma's boys preferred

2.  Be intelligent with ambition

1.  Love God


Eight things I want to do before I die..............

8.  Plan a charity weekend for Jonathan Vilma in New Orleans....after I start my own 501(C)(3)

7.  Travel to Africa, the Ivory Coast and Cape Town

6.  Go to my first NFL game....always a student never been able to afford it, and also go to a training camp, never had the time....lol, always a darn student!

5.  Enable my parents to retire....they are my blessing!

4.  Read the entire Bible

3.  Pay off my student loans, the house note I hope to one day have and the car note on the Range Rover that I too hope to one day own

2.  Get a job within the sports industry...journalism, legal work, agency, sports philanthropy (something, anything!)

1.  Find peace and happiness


Seven Ways to Annoy me.............

7. Being a hypocrite

6. Bragging, if you are tight it will shine through on its own

5. Talking too much....I talk enough, you can't talk a lot too, we'd get NO WHERE!

4. Being a hater, especially black women disrespecting each other

3. Ignorance...for example, referring to Michelle Obama as "Barak's baby momma," as a young black woman (lawyer nonetheless) let me say I am PISSED with Fox news.....she is a Harvard educated woman (and unlike Bush she earned her entrance into an Ivy league,) she is married to the world's most inspirational and profound man (behind every great man is a greater woman) and a devoted and HIGHLY fashionable mother of two beautiful daughters....how DARE you refer to her as she just some" baby momma" I think that title is better reserved for a Laura Bush, her husband is a JOKE!

2.  Rudeness....I have the WORSE temper in the world, LOW tolerance for rude people, I will drop kick you in your throat...don't get stomped! Ok, I don't know a THING about fighting, but I sure will try little buddies!

1.  Smacking your food and gum....HATE IT, like no seriously, I HATE IT!  I'm really getting mad thinking about it


Six things I believe in.............

6.  The Cardinals...it's our year guys (it's always our year...oh well)

5.  My family...I cannot stress how important their love, support and guidance is...a love so pure

4.  Love....it's out there, it will find me (a man's greatest gift is to find his wife, not the other way around folks!)

3.  Change....Barak Obama, enough said

2.  Myself...perserverance, passion, determination, drive, and devotion (my strongest attributes)

1.  GOD...faith is a beautiful thing


Five things that I am afraid of.....................

5.  Being murdered...being a single female, living alone in today's world makes you a bit concerned!

4.  Failure...career wise, what if I don't pass the bar?

3.  Never starting a family....never finding that my perfect teammate, never raising children to continue my legacy

2.  Getting fat (ok looks matter a bit, gees i never said i was perfect) and most importantly being unhealthy

1.  Losing a family member


Four of my Favorite Things.......

4.  Food....Macaroni and Cheese, Sesame Chicken, and Pizza (cheat days are wonderful)

3.  Make-Up...MAC, Estee Lauder, and Laura Mercie , and Smash Box...take me to Sephora!

2.  Shopping....shoes, hand bags, clothes, jewelry, and furniture (pottery barn and West Elm)

1.  My family...my mother, father, brother, Jackson (the best shi-poo in the world) and my extended family (I come from a HUGE southern family!)


Three Things I do Everyday

3.  Study for the bar...FOR HOURS!

2.  Call my parents, twice a day

1.  Pray and Praise God


Two Things I want to do Right Now...........

2.  Crawl into my mother's arms and sit on the couch with my pops and Jackson...I miss them so much!

1.  Go shopping...and not have to look at the price tag!


One person I want to see right now...........

1.Jonathan Vilma...I believe that he is the one athlete who will give me a chance to test my hypothesis regarding sports philanthropy.  I believe if we pair professional athletes with "traditional" professionals (i.e. doctors, lawyers, accountants, investors, agents) who work behind the athletes then we can expand our kid's horizons.  It's disheartening that most minority children in America aspire to be the next hip hop or football star.  It's no wonder that inner city schools like Frederick Douglas High School in Baltimore, Maryland have less than a 50% graduation rate, around the tenth grade when minority boys realize that they will not become the next Lebron James they give up (look in the media, what examples of success do they have; athletes and entertainers.)  The responsibility lays with us fortunate few, who were shown reality, we must fight for change.  Together Jonathan and I (you like my confidence right) will show these kids that there are other professions out there (within sports and entertainment) that minorities are succeeding in.   I just need to borrow Jonathan's influence over children .....read the book "Forty Million Dollar Slaves" for more explanation!


P.S. Does anyone have ANY suggestions of how I can actually meet Jonathan Vilma and give him my project proposal....I thought about going to their hotel when they play the Cards (Aug. 7th, right after the bar is over) BUT, my father said that wasn't a good idea (something about people getting the wrong perception.....a young black woman lurking in a hotel full of athletes, go figure??)  Anywho, I'm taking advice....so give it!



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