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Tracy00214-Is back!

Welcome everyone to another edition of the Living Dead groups weekly horror debate. Starting today, we will have a guest panelist join us in our discussions, and Dudeman was kind enough to volunteer to be our very first victim. As always we have The Ghosthunter, The Emperor of NMI Rstowe, and myself (Tracy). If you are interested in joining us as a guest, please let us know in the comment section. And now, on to this weeks questions!


If your stranded on a deserted island with 10 other people and there's no food, would you cannibalize one or more of them in order to survive?



Rstowe: Of course. Thats why you always make sure you have a fat friend with you.

Ghost: < Looks at Porkins while salivating>

Dude: Yes, especially if one of the dudes is fat. Hopefully thats not what the other people are thinking..then I'd be screwed.

Tracy: Dude, you are NOT fat. Your.. pleasingly plump. .and if someone tells me it tastes just like chicken..then yes, I'm dining on Dude.  I mean chicken!

Dude: <Starts to whimper>

Rstowe: It's not likely that we would be stranded, Dude. She means if we were. < Feels dudes arm >

Ghost: Havin fun yet, Dude?  hahahahahaha!!


Do you believe in Ghosts and Spirits, and if so..why?



Rstowe: Yes, because of personal experiences. My friends house was haunted growing up. 

Ghost: Yes sure do, much like Stowe I've had my personal experiences, quite scary too, though his are when he grew up living in a castle in the 1400's.

Dude: Yes, and not because there is some crazy guy who thinks he's a ghost holding a gun to my head ordering me to say yes, either. <Nods at Ghost to put the gun away now>

Tracy: I'm a believer, I have seen to many unexplained things not to be. I also believe in Guardian Angels and evil spirits. 


Best horror writer? Worst horror writer?



Rstowe: The best is the man himself-Stephen King. The worst is anyone who turned a Stephen King book into a movie pre-1986 (before King got involved in the movies based on his books).

Ghost: Stephen King, Dean Koontz. Worst horror writer?..hmm..any old lady.

Dude: Best= Edgar Allen Poe. He wasn't exactly a horror writer but he was so mental his work turned out to be freaky as hell. The writers of those scary story books suck.

Tracy: Stephen King! When I was 11 I read The Stand, and to this day it's my favorite book, one I would recommend above all others if your just starting out in horror. The movie sucked though. Worst..there are so many!  Richard Layman and Bentley Little come to mind, and Koontz has alot of bad ones, his books all seem the same. Except for the Odd Thomas series, those are awesome.


What situation is more likely to scare you in a horror movie?



Rstowe: The unexpected pop-up scare.Think of that guys head in the scene from Jaws where Richard Dreyfuss is pulling that shark tooth out of the boat underwater and the guys head appears. That kind of thing gets me more than any scene with gore in it. 

Ghost: People often confuse scare with frighten. Frighten is when a loud sound, usually a movie score, frightens you..I find this type fairly stupid.  Scare is the one where after the movie is over, you cant go to sleep. That's the one that scares me the most.

Dude: When you know the hot chick is going to get jumped by the crazy guy. The music gets faster and scarier, you start curling up into a fetal position, and then BAM!..she's dead. 

Ghost:  <Grabs Dudes shoulder> BOO!!!

Dude: <Screams like a girl> 

Rstowe: Ghost, no tormenting the guests until after the questions. 

Dude: <whimpering quietly to himself> Thank you, Stowe.

Tracy: For me it's the movie that has the possibility of being real, and your thinking about it long after you watched it. This is why I think The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made. Deep down we all believe in good and evil and God and the Devil. 


Are you scared of the Dark?



Rstowe: Not scared of the dark..scared of dorks though. 

Ghost: Depends on where that dark is..

Dude: No, my night light is for show, and I keep the door open to let in fresh air when I'm asleep. 

Tracy: Riiight..<rolls eyes> I'm not afraid to admit that yes, yes I'm scared of the dark!

Dude: <starts to whimper again>

Tracy: It's almost over Dude, hang in there!


What is the one way you DONT want to die?


Rstowe: Fire. My Dad was a fireman and I've heard to many horror stories about people dying in fires. (Not smoke inhalation but actual fire)

Ghost: Drowning. My best friend died this way a couple years back ,and I still have times where I cant help but imagine the couple minutes of utter despair he must have went through.

Dude: Out of the blue. Like your sharing a great moment with a friend and out of nowhere they stab you. Unexpected and just plain mean!

Tracy:  <glares at dude>  At least they haven't killed you. Yet.

Dude: < Curls into a fetal position and whimpers>

Ghost: Thanks for participating in this weeks debate, haahahahahaha!!!

Tracy: What was the question again? Oh yes, how we dont want to die..I dont wanna die by falling and being splattered like a pancake. Those few seconds going down would seem like an eternity. Next question!


Which would you rather be in the water with..Sharks or Piranhas?



Rstowe: Sharks. Piranhas are like little yappy dogs, not a problem by themselves but in a group they can do alot of damage. 

Ghost:Piranhas. They dont bite unless your bleeding. 

Dude: Both. Watching piranhas destroy a shark would be sick..

Tracy: But dude, you would be in the water with them. And I dont wanna hear no more whimpering, either! I would rather face a shark. I saw a video once of a school of piranhas plucking a cow clean in a couple minutes. I would be kickin some shark a8s!


Slasher movies, scary or not?



Rstowe: Old school slasher movies(Friday the 13th, halloween etc)  are scary, todays slasher movies are just gore with no scares.

Ghost: Freddy Krueger, when I was a kid..yes. All else doesn't really do it for me, I just watch it for the gore.

Dude:  Naah, more scared by those teletubbies, those damn things cant stop smiling. Stop. Smiling. 

Tracy: I agree with Stowe and Ghost, those movies are classics. The rest, you seen one slasher movie, you've seen em all.


Do you believe that some people can speak to the dead, like through seances or Ouija boards?



Rstowe: I'm not sure..way to easy to fake those kinds of things.

Ghost: Do I believe they experience stuff? Yes.  Do I think they are actually speaking to whom they think they are? No.

Dude: Yea, and I also believe those dumbass chain mails that state you will die in 3 days if you dont send it to 15 people within 3 hours or some chick with one eye and no ears will kill you at 10:37 pm. Bit8ch hasn't got me yet!

Tracy: It's not 10:37 p.m yet either. <listens to dude whimper> I believe people can speak to the dead, its the talking back part where it gets tricky.  And for the last question of the day..

Dude: Yay!


Is Tom Brady...Satan?!



Rstowe: No. Belichick is Satan, Brady is just one of his disciples.

Ghost: If Satan gets to be with Giselle, then call me Satan!

Dude: Of course! You haven't seen him stare down reporters with his manpurse?

Tracy: Well lets see..he's gorgeous, rich, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and he sleeps with a woman that most men would kill for. Sounds like an angel to me.. A beautiful, handsome, Superbowl winning angel!  <Sighs>

         < Dude, Stowe and Ghost try not to throw up>

And that wraps up another edition of the Living dead groups weekly debate! I want to thank Dudeman for being with us, and he was alot of fun.

Dude: Can I go now?..Please? 

Ghost: Hahahahaha!!!

Tracy: Yes Dude, you can go..and thank you. Until next time FanNation..Stay Spooky!!





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