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People were talking about what sign they are on the PT thread earlier.

I thought I would share a blog I wrote on my Myspace page a while back.

I hope you enjoy....


Monday, November 06, 2006

I Am A Taurus!

I am 43 years old and I have gone my entire life thinking that I am a Gemini. It turns out that I am not, you see, I was born on the cusp, May 21rst. Growing up with that birthday, I knew that one year, it says that you are a Taurus, the next year, it says you are a Gemini. I was always told that I was a Gemini while growing up, so I had no reason to doubt that.
A few weeks ago, I decided to check my horoscope here on Myspace. You know, you go to your profile, scroll down to your details and it will have a place labeled, "Zodiac Sign". If you click on your sign, mine says "Gemini" and I can't seem to change it, it will link to your horoscope for that day. At the end of your horoscope, it will say, "Get your complete Cosmic Profile".  This will take you to a page that will give you your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. It will also give you your Chinese sign.
For your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, You need to fill out a small form that asks you your name, birth date, birth time, and birth city.
I thought this would be fun. Yeah, I guess it was, in a Pandora's Box kind of way.
I checked my birth certificate to be sure of the time, then filled out their forms. I sure wasn't prepared for what came next. 43 years of beliefs, gone like that.
It turns out that I am a Taurus sun, Taurus moon, with a Cancer rising, NONE OF WHICH IS GEMINI!!!
Needless to say that it has taken a while to adjust. I struggle with it everytime I pick up a newspaper. I habitually move my eyes to Gemini, catch myself, then reluctantly read my Taurus horoscope for the day. If it sucks, I read the Gemini and pretend that I am still young and stupid.
In a feeble, misguided attempt to feel better about my situation, I remembered that  my Mom was also born on the cusp. She was born on August 21rst. I was pretty sure that was a Leo/Virgo cusp (it is not). She is 77 years old. If she was not really a Leo, then I wouldn't feel quite so bad. After all, 77 years is a lot longer than 43 years, right?
I called her up and got all of her info. I punched it all into the computer and guess what? Come on, I thought I was a Gemini for 43 years. Why would I be right about this? Of course she is a Leo.
Anyway, a little time has passed and I am starting to get used to it.
Can't you tell?


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