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Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm thinking that if you are prone to seizures, there are some things you should probably stay away from. Skydiving, driving, WORKING ON A ROOF!
I just don't understand people sometimes.
Now, I don't have seizures and I have nothing against people that do. For gods sake though, let your employer know about your condition when you hire on.
Twice in my life I have had new employees seize up on me without ANY warning.
The first time it wasn't such a big deal. We worked in an office, he went down, bumped his head and there were a lot of helmet jokes for a while afterwards.
The second time, this past Monday, was a whole different thing entirely.
This turned into a full scale rescue exercise for the Jasper fire dept.
We had a "new employee" with 2 days on the job seize up on us 40 foot off the ground. He went down and sounded like a pack of shingles hitting the deck. Fortunatly there were a few people near him and kept him from going over the edge. It was close though, very close. This guy almost bounced.
911 was called and Jasper sent everything except life flight out there.
They had a huge firetruck with a ladder and a basket pick him right off that roof and bring him down, check him out, and kept him for about 5 hours stabalizing him. It was something to see. I took photos and I will be posting them when I have more time.
Oh yeah, he is fine. He took the next few days off.
So I leave to drive back to Beaumont, I get to maybe Kirbyville and I turn on the radio. 103.7 in Houston. The first thing I hear is,"caller #10 wins 2 tickets to Steve Miller on Saturday". I have the phone # saved in my phone already, so I called. It rings and Wendy Miller answers,"there is one person in front of you, if they can't answer the question, I will put you on the radio, Can you answer the question?". I don't even know the question, they asked before I turned on my radio.
It was, "name 5 Steve Miller songs in 10 seconds". No problem.
Well, there were 2 people in front of me and neither of them could do it. She asked me and I told her Fly Like an Eagle, Jet Airliner, Wintertime, Dance,Dance,Dance and Take the Money and Run.
I won 2 tickets to Steve Miller and Johhny Lang @ the Woodlands this Saturday night!
The funny thing is, I had my ipod next to me and if I had thought about it I would have scrolled to Steve Miller and been a real wiseass with her. Would you like those in alphabetical order? Reverse alphabetical order? If I name 10 Steve Miller songs in 5 seconds, do I win twice as many tickets?
Too much had happened in the last 45 minutes and my brain just did not have that much together at that moment.
Other than that, Monday was pretty much a regular day.



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