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I think the Knicks made a mistake by not picking up a defensive presence in the draft this year. I think they should try to make a deal with the Clips to acquire Deandre Jordan and Shaun Livingston, or Brevin Knight for David Lee, and Marty Collins or some throw in player. 

Despite the fact this team got Danilo Gallanari, who is the 5th small forward on this team, they still have not addressed their major need. They have no one on the entire team to block a shot. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! By comparison, and I've already addressed this, in 2007 the entire Knicks team blocked 213 shots. Thats 213 blocks for the entire year. Marcus Camby blocked 285 shots, Sam Dalembert had 192, Josh Smith who doesn't even play center blocked 227.  This team is struggling blocking shots, and outside of Zach Randolph, may struggle to rebound.  Eddy Curry will not block shots, and averaged less than 5 rebounds a game. This is from a guy who is almost 7 feet tall. While a PG may be the starter of the offense, the center is the backbone of any team defensively. Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it, an upgrade or someone to push Curry is important for this team to develop.

That being the case, they will not be any better defensively this year, and thinking a team will win more games by not addressing the same shaky defense, makes absolutely no sense. I think they should take a chance on Deandre Jordan who may not be NBA ready, but may be ready to destroy people and play 40 minutes in the NBDL.  Where Curry is offensive minded, Jordan may be athletic enough to counteract his shortcomings by blocking shots and grabbing rebounds.  Comparitively, Jordan Averaged 16 pts, 12 boards, and 3 blocks per 40 minutes. That would put him 7 boards ahead of Eddy Curry a game, and 30 blocks past the entire team at the end of the season. If your dangling David Lee for someone, do it for this guy. His upside is worth the gamble.

The Clippers would be the perfect team to deal with. They already have an established center in Chris Kaman, so developing another center behind him is not as much of a need for them. Elton Brand just opted out of his contract, and if they cannot resign him (or the Warriors do) that leaves Paul Davis and Aaron Williams as the two primary guys to replace him. The Clippers would jump at the chance to get a viable solid guy to replace him as insurance if Elton leaves town. By signing Baron Davis they may not have the room to sign Brand to a big deal.  The Knicks may be able to trade David Lee to them for Deandre Jordan, with Lee being the higher value of the trade. The Clippers can then throw in Shaun Livingston who is tall and has alot of upside (if he can get his knee right), or Brevin Knight who is an obvious pure PG, for a Knicks throw in player like Mardy Collins or Renaldo Balkman. This would make the trade even out. I would be much more excited going into the 08 season if I knew there was hope of rebounding a ball or blocking a shot lurking behind Eddy Curry.

Remember, even though Deandre is raw, he's only 19 years old. Send him to the NBDL for a half a year, and let him play more than 20 minutes a game, and he is like money in the bank for your team. Next season the Knicks could have a 20 year old starter challenging Eddy Curry, who doesn't count that much against the cap(he was a 2nd round draft pick). They could also have a healthy Shaun Livingston coming back from his ACL injury, abusing the 6' guards in the eastern conference.


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