Nothing quite excites a football fan more than a fantasy football draft. I take place in numerous drafts and have many championships and top place finishes to my name. Hoping to help all fellow fantasy members, I'm going to be coming out with fantasy football rankings for each positions over the next week or so. I'll list my top 15 for QB and TE, my top 25 for RB, top 10 for K, top 15 for D, and top 35 for WR. Each player will have a brief description. I will also have certain categories for players such as sleepers, stumblers, injury risk, bounce back player, studs, break-out player, and rookies..

The first position is a key position in all of fantasy football. The quarterback. Look at those champions and they usually have a top 5 QB on their team.

1. Tom Brady

Projections: 4150yds, 39 TD, 12 INT

2. Peyton Manning

Projections: 3,930yds, 34 TD, 15 INT

3. Tony Romo

Projections: 3,890yds, 31 TD, 17 INT

4. Carson Palmer

Projections: 4,260yds, 33 TD, 19 INT

5. Drew Brees

Projections: 4,400yds, 28 TD, 19 INT

6. Derek Anderson

Projections: 3,710yds, 24 TD, 17 INT

7. Ben Roethlisberger

Projections: 3,520yds, 24 TD, 19 INT

8. Jay Cutler

Projections: 3,450yds, 25 TD, 16 INT

9. Matt Hassleback

Projections: 3,430yds, 26 TD, 18 INT

10. Donavon McNabb

Projections: 3,390yds, 24 TD, 15 INT

11. Eli Manning

Projections: 3,390yds, 24 TD, 20 INT

12. Phillip Rivers

Projections: 3,260yds, 23 TD, 16 INT

13. David Garrard

Projections: 2,700yds, 18 TD, 9 INT, 300rush yds, 4 TD

14. Marc Bulger

Projections: 3,450yds, 21 TD, 20 INT

15. Matt Schaub

Projections: 3,435yds, 22 TD, 19 INT

Sleeper- Trent Edwards. Now, should you go draft him to be your starting QB. No. But take a chance with him as a backup. Certainly. He showed signs at the end of last year. He now has a full season to work with. He makes few mistakes and can connect with Lee Evans for those long bombs. He may be worth as a chance late in the draft.

Bust- Hard to pick one when dealing with QBs. But I might go with Eli here. His ego might be bigger than his fantasy value because of the Super Bowl. Reality is, he still makes poor decisions. He still throws a ton of INT's and has those 2-3 horrible games a year which can kill your week. Hunch to the owners who've seen negative points by a QB.

Injury Risk- Every year a big hit or miss player is McNabb. It's no different this year. He has problems staying healthy. But when he is, he produces to the highest extent. You take the risk. If it works out for you, you may end up with a top 5 QB by the end of the year. If not, he's a risk that lived up to his the name.

Bounce-Back Players- I have 2 players here. Matt Leinart and Marc Bulger. Both play for potentially big offense. Leinart was hurt last year. Either him or Warner will get the job. But if Leinart wins the starting role, and stays healthy, he could have a big year with the tandom of Boldin and Fitzgerald. Bulger meanwhile, has nobody competing with him. It's his job to lose. He was a top QB in previous seasons before 07 and if he avoids injury, he could be in the top 10.

Studs- Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Break-out Player- Jay Cutler. He has a terrific arm and only gets better. He is making progress this off-season with improving his legs for scrambling. A possibility of some rushing TD's?? His targets are emerging, most notably, fantasy WR up and comer, Brandon Marshall.

Rookie- Note to Fantasy Owners: AVOID ROOKIE QB'S! AVOID THEM. Rarely do we see a Big Ben type season a few years ago. They rarely succeed in their first year. If I had to pick one though, I would go with Joe Flacco of Baltimore. He has a chance to win the starting job. He is the only guy, with maybe the exception of Matt Ryan I can see starting at QB and doing decent.

Running Backs-the key to fantasy drafts are coming up soon!!

Comments appreciated. Want to know what everyone thinks about the QB's.


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