Stay on Target!

Happy Independence Day, Fannation.

Welcome to the sixth installment of NMI's Meet the Members blog.  As a group, NMI wants to help FN gain independence from idiocy, making things as enjoyable and as fair as possible for everybone.  By now, we hope you've seen at least some of our previous interviews.   

You may click the following links for sessions with rstowe, porkins, NCshvDavidGoodell, and T-fo.


Today we're talking with another esteemed member...Duquesne!

What made you want to join NMI?

-Back when NMI was started, Fannation was running wild with a lot of moronic TDs and shabby voting.  I wanted to be considered one of the "non-idiots" and I took the invite as an honor.

What do you like best about FN?

-The timekilling it provides in school and work as well as the ability to talk sports 24/7

What do you like least about FN?

-People taking things too seriously on here...It's just a fan site and to the best of my knowledge, there isn't a trophy being handed out.

Any members of Fannation help get you where you are today?

-Plenty...and I don't want to upset anyone, but I'll name a couple...

NCDavid - helped me when I was a newbie and picked me on his TD team (which never materialized) but he gave me a lot of confidence on the site

Stowe - helped keep me cool when a few members ticked me off and is one of the reasons I'm still on the site

Ram - helped humble me a couple times on TDs just when I started getting cocky

To the rest of my friends on all played a part in getting me to where I'm at, but there are just too many to name.

What drew you to join FanNation?

-A sports illustrated email...I went on and lost my first 2 TDs but loved the concept of the site.

What do you (plan to) do for a living?

-Hopefully being a patent attorney, but at least graduating law school and seeing where it takes me

What are your goals in life?

-well since I never made the bigs...I guess being happy and having a huge house with some sick TVs to watch sports 24/7 (hitting the lottery would help)

If you could go to one sporting event before you die, what would that be and why?

-A Pirates World Series game (I'll live forever - so I guess a Steelers Super Bowl) - I'm a huge Pittsburgh fan and I don't think either of those could be topped for me.