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Since all of the 30 MLB teams have played at least 81 of their 162 scheduled games and after handing out the report cards to the 14 AL teams to hand out report cards for the 16 NL teams. Again I'll list the teams by respective divisions in order of their standing as of July 1st which will mark 3 months into the season and more or less halfway through the season. Feel free to check out the AL Report Card, which I posted on Tuesday. 


Philadephia Phillies (45-39, +1.5)
The Fightin Phils are on top of a weak division in spite of themselves. If Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins find their stroke they could bury the division fast. The Phils pitching is a real head scratcher, quick name their wins leader?
Didnt think you could (Its Cole Hamels by the way)
Grade: A-

Florida Marlins (43-40, -1.5)
The Fish are a scrappy bunch of nobodies that seem to keep hangin around, and in this weak division a serious win streak could get them into first. Dan Uggla has been hitting out of his mind, but this team is pitching poor and if Uggla hits the DL or the skids, they could go the other way fast.
Grade: B-

New York Mets (41-42, -3.5)
The Willie Randolph mess has scarred this promising team that was expected to dominate the division. Johan Santana, thought to be the missing piece for a team that did a nasty swan dive out of contention last year has been just mortal and no one knows if Pedro Martinez will ever come back. Call 'em a mess cause thats what they are.
Grade: C

Atlanta Braves (40-44, -5)
Been so long since the Braves were mediocre, no one knows what to say about them. They lack a real stopper despite leading the NL in ERA, Besides Chipper and Mark Teixeira they have no hitters. Thats not a combo to win a division, but I dont doubt a Bobby Cox managed team, they are a run of their own from getting back in the race
Grade: C

Washington Nationals (34-51, -11.5)
Some things never change, the Nats were bad when they were an American League team, they are bad now and light years out of contention.
Grade: D-

Chicago Cubs (50-33, +3)
100 years after their last World Series title the Cubs are thinking Fall Classic and they have the tools and talent to get there. The losses of Soriano and Zambrano have not slowed the Cubs and the Kosuke Fukudome has been as good as advertised. As long as the Cubs have their relative health, they will be in contention.
Grade: A

St. Louis Cardinals (48-37, 3)
The Cards are a puzzling group, you wait for them to make a move, but they dont. They have an embarrassment of riches in pitching and any team with one Albert Pujols in the lineup is going to be dangerous. Dont take your eyes off this team, I think that they will keep the pressure on the Cubs all year, if not the Wildcard race.
Grade: B

Milwaukee Brewers (44-38 -5.5)
The Brew Crew are an enigma, Ryan Braun and Ben Sheets are likely all-stars and Prince Fielder is a constant long ball threat, but beyond that, they are underachieving and if they stay in neutral, they will watch the Cubs and Cards speed away
Grade: C

Houston Astros (40-44 -10.5)
This team on paper is too talented to be in 4th, but in reality they are right where they should be. Oh they have talented hitters in Lance Berkman and Miguel Tejada but they are 10th or worse in at least five pitching categories and that is a combination for mediocrity at best.
Grade: C-

Pittsburgh Pirates (39-44, 11)
The Buccos are in another year of rebuilding and most fans in the Steel City are coming down off the Stanley Cup loss and are still gearing up for the Steelers season. Xavier Nady, Jason Bay and Nate McLouth are players that contenders might be lusting for at the end of the month. The Pirates have no pitching (last in the NL in four categories) and they wont go anywhere like that.
Grade: D-

Cincinnati Reds (39-46, 12)
The countdown to when Junior and Dunn get shipped off has been on for awhile. Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo have been major disappointments, had they been decent to team with real comers like Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto they might have the Reds in contention, but their lack of timely hitting and their tendency to play brainless at times will have the opposite effect.
Grade: D-

Arizona Diamondbacks (42-41, +3)
Another team leading a weak division, the D-Backs are doing it with mirrors...again. They cant hit, but their pitching is a spot on lock. Brandon Webb could easily win 20 and the team would win 83 games to win the NL West, dont laugh it is a real possiblity
Grade: B

LA Dodgers (39-44 -3)
The Bums seem to be jogging in place and Joe Torre looks a lot like he did when he last managed in the NL, clueless. The Dodgers, like the D-Backs have good pitching and no hitting. In any other division they would be in last, here they will delude themselves into thinking they are in contention.
Grade: C

San Francisco Giants (36-47 -6)
Barry Zito is an embarrassment and the G-Men are only in third because of the dazzling pitching of Tim Linecum. Aaron Rowand is a major letdown and the G-Men arent drawing. Bruce Bochy is probably thinking, why did I leave San Diego again?
Grade: C-

Colorado Rockies (33-51 -9.5)
This team won the NL last year??? Every player that had a career year has fell off. That old bugaboo, lack of pitching has turned the Rocks back into a pumpkin. Matt Holliday is still hitting but he has no help and the best that they can do is try to stay out of the cellar
Grade: D-

San Diego Padres (33-52 -10)
The Pads came an extra inning thriller from making the playoffs last year and this year are just a pain to watch. No pitching, no hitting and no chance for the future. Brian Giles might be playing elsewhere come next month
Grade: F


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