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The Boston Celtics are working fairly well so far into this very young offseason. Their draft with all things considered could be classafied as a success, and now into the free agent period they have reportedly made offers to James Posey and Corey Maggette. I have been reading comments and I just have one question, why do people think that we are getting Posey or either Maggete. I mean sure minutes are considered, but if that was truly the biggest concern to the players then they would be racing to accept the deal first, just so they had the advantage of pushing the opposing player out of intrest or just to get the seniority (which Posey has anyways). I mean we pay the luxury tax anyway, and sure it would grow, but thats why we traded one of our picks for cash considerations :D. I do however, see the argument of who would play what minuts etc. etc. but you know what, THATS A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE, sometimes at least, and I believe this is one of those times. Defensively Posey is as key to our D as KG at times, and offensively he has always been somewhat solid, but he is not a 20 point scorer. Now I know I've been debating for this 2 man signing, but I have never really said that I would agree with it. Call me hypacritical, if you wish. I really rather see only Posey get signed because we don't need another 20 point scorer, maybe if House doesn't come back and we have a bit of a bigger whole than we previously thought, but right now I dont see a great need for that kind of player. Now what about those offensive situations, should we have Maggette for those, and yes I know he plays forward? I dont think so honestly, Posey was (at least to me) surprizingly clutch offensively, I have no problem bringing him in for clutch, offensive situations. Then EVERYONE who watches basketball knows that Posey is an EXCELLENT defender, and don't give me "he's ok, or average" or anything short of excellent because frankly with this new defensive system we implemented this year, it takes good, great, and excellent defenders to adapt to it and excel like Posey did. I also have confidence in our management because honestly I believe that the Celtics analyze talent very well, sure there have been busts like Gerald Green, and Allen Ray but in the past few years we have also gotten some very solid players like Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Delonte West, Kendrick Perkins (say what you want about him), Rajon Rondo (say what you want about him too, but when he is one of the top 6 or 7 PGs in a couple years dont act surprised or just read my other blog on him.) Chauncey Billups, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce  (well it was a deal but yeah you get the idea). Eh...feel like I forgot stuff


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