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The big stuff today is who will get Corey Maggette.  It sounded like the Boston Celtics were going to pick him up, now it looks like the San Antonio Spurs.  My advice to the Clippers: just sign him to a good contract and make him happy.  LA got Baron Davis for a reason, you know, because they wanted to contend.  They are going to need a strong scorer that isn't named Elton Brand for Davis to pass to.  Sure, Davis can also set himself up for his own shot but having a guy like Maggette would be nice.  San Antonio would be a nice place to go though - on a winning team that seems to win the championship every other year.  Are they going to get rid of Bruce Bowen?  He isn't going to want to be a bench warmer.  Just possibly look for Maggette to sign a huge contract with the Clippers sooner or later, despite what all of the rumors say.

As the Heat are gearing up for camp soon - it looks as if their top draft pick has gotten injured.  The season isn't for another good three months but people won't let this die, about how the Miami Heat have ruined their chance of getting back into the playoffs or whatever.  The Heat could be a very good team this year though, it just depends on if everything else swings their way.  Last year, injuries to Shaquille O'Neal, Dwayne Wade, Shawn Marion and Udonis Haslem basically cost them their season but now if the injury bug goes off an annoys some other team, they could be back in buisness.  About this Udonis Haslem trade talks, that just confuses me.  Haslem was a 12-9 man last year and would be great to have on the bench, going in for Beasley as he goes through his rookie mistakes.  Plus, one of the starters is very likely to get injured and with a little roster moves, Haslem could have possibly started about half of the games at the end of the season.

Now onto the crazy messed up world of the Knicks.  They are dumping arguably their best player, Stephon Marbury . . . what a bonehead move.  Sure, he'll be off playing European ball in a few years but mean as well keep him while you got him.  And of course, the Knicks are going to be in signing rumors with pretty much every free agent - why does this not surprise me.  The Big Apple isn't really an ideal place to go for any stars, look how it has messed up players like Zach Randolph, Eddy Curry . . . I'd be turning down huge offers from that team just to play on a winning team.  They have been talking with guard Chris Duhon who was previously on the Bulls, for a while and they recently made rumors about getting scorer Monta Ellis from the Golden State Warriors.  The Knicks need to just rebuild their team out of scratch, they have a revolving door on their team and eveerybody who goes there has bad seasons.  I wouldn't expect them to be any good - not until they get a nice, high draft pick - wait for 2009.

There are still buyers, sellers, and everything else.  The Knicks are one huge buyer but still are the Denver Nuggets who had recenty turned down an offer fro mthe Detroit Pistons that would have sent Chauncy Billups and Tayhsaun Prince to Denver for Carmelo, straight up.  Denver said Carmelo was off-limits but I am not going to believe all of that trash.  I am not being a homer, Anthony might not even go to Detroit but just because management says that he is off-limits doesn't necassarily mean he is off-limits.  Detroit could put together a nice package here, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rasheed Wallace for Carmelo and Marcus Camby.  Sounds like an even deal but Denver will probably get another offer for Carmelo before you know it.

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