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Before I release the brackets I have to give you the tourney rules. 

1. Don't send out links until all arguments are finished.

2. The rules of FanNation TD'ing will be followed and if they don't have control, I and the other three organziers will will act as enforcers.

3. If a tie occurs, then the group will vote on it via poll.

4. Have a fun, clean, good match up.

5. We have the right to change and/or add rules as I see fit.

6. The person on the left will start the TD and the person on the right will choose the topic. 

7. Only the 7 topics in your bracket can be used.  No replacement TD's.  The person that tells the head of their bracket what topic they want first will receive that topic.  Good luck.

8. If you have any other questions the let me know ASAP.


Here we go. 



Bigalke's Region (#1 Seed Group)


1.Bigalke vs. 8. Anonymous Dan (8-16) New SoccerNation Champ.

4. BillieJoe vs. 5. Underdog Champion (No topic was given to Billie Joe)

3. Ghosthunter vs. 6. deedok (Ghost didn't start TD)

2. GoldenThread vs. 7. GPV4 (Not topic was given to GT)

Topics: 1.Who does the naturalization of Brazilians hurt the most? The Brazilian natl team or the players from the other countries where the naturalized players evolve?

2. What is the best professional league in the world?

3.  Is American college soccer impeding the development of top talent?

4. Do you support a salary or transfer spending cap in the major European leagues? 

5. Has David Beckham helped or hurt the LA Galaxy?

6. Which premiership teams will qualify for the Champions League next year?  

7. Who should host the 2018 World Cup-US, England or other?



jeevs' Region (#2 Seed Group)


1. jeevs vs. 8. VY (Forfeit, 5-0)

4. Burgundy vs. 5. D-Wreck (3-10)

3. Big Chaco vs. 6. NY Fan (Started TD and NY didn't respond.)

2. Officer Favra vs. 7. AJ B.S. (16-10)

Topics: 1. Who is the best player that has ever been born in the United States?

2.  Who was the Biggest disappointment of Euro 2008?

3. Which National Team Will Go farthest In The 2010 World Cup, Mexico or The USA?

4. Which big transfer rumor is most likely to happen?

5. Which Two Teams are most likely to face each other in the 2008 MLS Cup?

6. Does playing through the winter help or hurt English football?

7. Who will win Serie A next season?



Keeper's Region (#3 Seed Group)


1. thehemogoblin vs. 8. GH (Didn't receive topic)

4. D'A vs. 5. dyhard (4-10)

3. ctsubasa vs. 6. Notorious O.T.T.

2 Keeper vs. 7. J23dude (Not topic was given)

Topics: 1. Who will win la Liga next season? 

2. Is selling US born players to European leagues good or bad for the MLS?

3. Which league develops better players: the Dutch or the Portuguese?

4. Should the African Cup of Nations reschedule to be outside of the European domestic season?

5. If you could change one rule of the game, which would it be and why?

6. What was the biggest managerial mistake in Euro 08?

7. Should FIFA/UEFA start mandating more protective shoes and leg padding for professional players?



thebasketballguru's Region (#4 Seed Group)


1. Hyped 78 vs. 8. Mike_E

4. thebasketballguru vs. 5. j11forbes (6-8)

3. 662 vs. 6. mikehealy (No topic was given to 662)

2. cowace2 vs. 7. Madler (No topic was given to cowace)

Topics: 1. Will Canada qualify for the 2010 World Cup?

2. What was the Biggest surprise of Euro 2008?

3. Should Michael Ballack be stripped of his captaincy?

4. Which American field player will make the biggest headlines in the 2008/09 season?

5. Who is the Best soccer coach since 2000?

6. Make the Best American Lineup (4-4-2) Ever.

7. Form an all Caribbean Nation team, 4-4-2 and a Keeper using current players only and select a manager.



There you have it guys.  The person on the right needs to tell the person that is over their bracket what topic they want so that they will get the topic.  Once they OK it you need to tell the person on the left and then they will start the TD.  Good luck to all.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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