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I spent the last four hours watching the Detroit Tigers game where they were playing the Seattle Mariners.  Tiger elief pitcher Aquilino Lopez came away with the win and backup catcher Jamie Burke took the loss - no joke.  The game went into the fifteenth inning and Settle had just one pitcher remaining in the bullpen - Arthur Rhodes.  Instead of pitching him, Seattle decided they would save him for later and decided to put Burke on the mound - big mistake.  Rhodes never got to pitch that game, that is what you get when you have a catcher on the mound.  Miguel Cabrera started the inning off with a double up the middle and a wild pitch advanced him to third.  A sac fly by Marcus Thames won the game for them.  It was just hilarious watching Burke up there, missing the zone with practically every pitch.  That looks to be his last outing ever and ends with a good stat line for someone who isn't a pitcher:

1.0 IP, 0 wins, 1 loss, 9.00 ERA, 0 strikeouts

Now to something a little more exciting - C.C. Sabathia.  After rumors of going to big market teams like the New York Yankees, Boston red Sox or Detroit Tigers, Sabathia settles in Milwaukee.  He has pitched very good this season despite his lousy record and could help the Brew Crew make a playoff push.  He should be able to turn his record around here in the National League where the hitting is weaker.  He is uneligable to win the Cy YOung (he wouldn't have won one anyway) but Sabathia could still be in for a very good season.  When Yovani Gallardo comes back, Ben Sheets, Gallardo and Sabathia could all be a very good 1-2-3 punch.

Now, I bring this blog to the All-Star game.  The All-Star Game is a serious joke, Derek Jeter is in it, so is Jason Varitek.  Come on people, use your brains.  Sure, this will be the last All-Star Game ever at Yankee stadium but does that mean that the whole Yankees team gets to play in it?  Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte - just because it is the last All-Star Game at Yankee stadium?  Sure, I can't argue that Jeter doesn't have the big name but you should also need some stats.  Which is why I wonder why Varitek got in.   Varitek is hitting so bad, he is hitting under .220, is that a first for the All-Star Game?  The American League would be much better off with Pudge Rodrigez, he is hitting .290 with three home runs, eigh stolen bases, and still a wicked arm to throw runners out, like ichiro earlier today.  Pudge is better than CVaritek at pretty much everything but why does it not surprise me thata struggling Red Sox player made the All-Star Game?  Because the spotlight is always on them.

Now to some football . . .

More epic discussions of Brett Favre going back to the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers . . . when are people going to learn that he already ****' retired.  Aaron Rodgers must be having a heart attack right now, first Favre is coming back, then he's not, then he is, then he's not . . . these are all probably rumors, these rumors might have to hook up with Favre and show each other their schedules because Favre hasn't really ever said anything about going back into the NFL, why is everybody else talking about it?  And Aaron Rodgers, just give the poor kid a break.  He's getting all excited for his first season in the NFL after waiting for so long but now everybody is comparing him to Favre and saying he won't be good enough.  Who knows, maybe Rodgers will be better than Favre.  I highly doubt that but stil, it is a possibilty.

Brett Favre, Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images




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