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Top 100's are all the rage. there's a top 100 everything. And there's a reason for that. People naturally want information on the best, the worst, the most attractive, the coolest, the newest, the fastest. Many months ago, I made one of these. While generally accepted among Fannationers, I naturally could point out every mistake I made, every song that was too high, too low, stuff like that. So, after 6 months of procrastination, here is the new and improved top 100 songs brought to you by Nomarfan.

    My last edition was only songs from 1999-present. I felt like this limited me slightly, so I threw that criterion out. Now its just the Karma Police top 100. The Karma Police is a group dedicated to modern rock. I don't know as much about classic rock as others on this site, so I don't want to embarrass myself by including all facets of rock. Instead, I'm sticking to what I know. You won't find any Beatles or Led Zeppelin on here. They're incredible bands, but every other top 100 list has these bands. So this is a top 100 for people sick of all the other top 100's.


    So now, I present you #100-71 of the Karma Police top 100.


100. The Sound of Animal Fighting- The Heretic

The Sound of Animals Fighting is sort of an indie super band of sorts. With members of RX Bandits, Finch, The Autumns, and Circa Survive contributing, you would expect them to pump out some good music. What you get is nothing short of amazing. TSOAF has sort of an ethereal vibe to it, and fits the band's mystique (they all wear masks and don't officially release their names). The Heretic is almost without a doubt the best song off of their second CD, Lover, The Lord Has Left Us.

99. The Slip- If One of us Should Fall

Imagine, the Slip started off as a measly cover band. If One Of Us Should Fall strays far from the Slip's original, jam-bandish sound, to create a much softer, Coldplay-esque sound (without the falsetto of Chris whatshisface). The result is perfect, as wtnessed in this ballad. 


98. Gogol Bordello- Through The Roof 'n' Underground

 Gogol Bordello soundslike it should be included on the Borat soundtrack, in the best possible way. This ensemble of Middle Eastern gypsy-musicians combines native sounds with punk rock. Surprisingly, the sound works. This song is an introspective look at the future of society. Or I think it is.

97. Jimmy Eat World- Hear You Me

 First off, sorry about the link. The only video was a Cinderella Story clip. But anyways, the song is well worth your time. Not a typical, emo, self-deprecating, no one understands me Jimmy Eat World, a thoughtful, catchy, good Jimmy Eat World song. I promise. 

96. Joshua Radin- Winter

Joshua Radin is cool. Simple as that, he's a cool guy. He's the kind of guy that after a show, goes out for a drink with people from the crowd. Or that's how I picture him. I mean, anyone that fan's force to make a CD is pretty awesome.   


95. Kings of Leon- The Bucket

Kings of Leon apparently never got the memo that Southern Rock is dead. Because somehow they still make it good. The Bucket comes off their second album, Aha Shake Heartbreak 


94. Modest Mouse- Dashboard

 Modest Mouse has been an indie darling formore than a decade now, and songs like Dashboard show they still have theirquirkiness, while transitioning into a more mainstream vibe. This quirky song was the first single off of their 7th CD, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, released in 2007.


93. British Sea Power- It Ended On An Oily Stage

    Guess what, this is a British band. And guess what? They are often compared to Joy Division. Reason enough to listen to them (yeah, I'm slacking off, but I don't see you writing a top 100 list) 

92. MGMT- Time To Pretend

 MGMT (management) is a two man techno duo. Sounds awesome right? Well, it is. Time To Pretend was their first song written, and is a wistful song on what they would do if they were famous (shoot heroin, have sexx with beautiful women, the usual).

91. Paper Rival- Bluebird

  Vocalist Jacob Rolleston claims his greatest musical inspiration is Bob Dylan. While Bluebird isn't quiet Dylan-esque in poetry, it isn't a bad start. Bluebird is obviously a metaphor for something, as witnessed in his trepidation to associate with said Bluebird, who seems to be a rebel of sorts. Don't ask me, I don't know.

90. Wolfmother- Mind's Eye

 Wolfmother, in my opinion is overrated. some may hail them as the saviors of rock, but I just see them as a bunch of kids who listened to way too much Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Coincidentally, their song that strays from these two bands is the only one on my top 100.

89. The Vines-Outtathaway!

  This song sounds like it belongsback in the 70's with the Se.x Pistols. Probably the only good punk song in the last 20 years. The lead singer, Craig Nichols wrote this song when dealing with the frustrations of drug abuse and autism.  

88. Talking Heads- Life During Wartime

Most know the Talking Heads from their pop hit Burning Down the House. However, their true masterpiece was this politically charged track off of their 3rd album, Fear of Music 

87. Five For Fighting- 100 Years

100 Years came right around the time the Coldplay mania was at an all time high. And he is shameless in his imitation of their style. But hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And not many imitations are better than most of the orignal's songs, but here we are.   

86. The New Pornographers- Use It

The New Pornographers know how to make good music. Using the tried and true formula of bright, cheery, catchy sounds and clever lyricism to keep the listener, Use It pulls all these tricks together to create the perfect NP song.  


85. Franz Ferdinand- Jacqueline

Jacqueline is great because it's original. The lyrics aren't particularly interesting, but the pacing of the song and guitar riff is genius and catchy as hell.  


84. Vampire Weekend- A-Punk

  Vampire Weekend has been an indie darling forever. They're highly anticipated first CD (released earlier this year) was adored by most, and they gained nationwide fame after appearing on SNL. A-Punk, a short catchy, pop song is wildly original, and damn hard to get out of your head. 

83. Pinback- Non Photo-Blue

  Non Photo-Blue, for fans of Pinback, was the song that single-handedly ended Pinback's emo phase, which in this case, is a good thing. NP-B is a very clean cut, polished, fun song. (there's another lame explanation, but its 11:30 and I want to get this done)

82. The Airborne Toxic Event- Sometime Around Midnight

  This song is a perfect, simple as that. And the ATE hasn't even released their first CD yet. Now that's impressive. ATE sings about a common occurence, meeting a girl you like, only to have her taken by another man, but somehow, Airborne makes it their own, with great use of imagery and emotion.

81. The Mars Volta- L'Via L'Viaquez

  As many of you know, The Mars Volta is my favorite band. This song is one of the reasons why. The only song on this list not sung in English, it is nonetheless a musical masterpiece, displaying perfection in pacing, as well as some kickass guitar playing, this song will always have a special place in my heart (in a totally manly way though)

80. Flobots- Handlebars

  Most of you are sick of this song, as it has been overplayed for the last two months. But step away from this predisposed sickness of this song, and you may realize it is a socially relevant song, displaying the loss of innocnence through a progressiiion of disturbing revelations that the singer "can do".

79. Kasabian- Club Foot

  I don't know the meaning of the name of the song (its a disease) or the meaning of the lyrics,but its just.... I don't know, just listen.

78. Incubus- Megalomaniac

  A megalomaniac is someone who believes they are something or someone they are not. And this guy is calling some megalomaniac out on that. Really though, its not as bad as it sounds. ITs good. I swear.

77. Acceptance- Different

  What's better than a song telling you its ok to be different? Nothing, that's what. Because everyone loves some reassurance that they're normal. Anywho, the melodic and catchy vibe of this song is very catchy, and everyone loves a little piano playing.

76. Nirvana- About A Girl

  This list wouldn't be complete without the gods of grunge, Nirvana. And About a Girl is classic Nirvana. A song about a girlfriend who mistreated you, you know, the positive stuff that Kurt always writes about. 

75. Foo Fighters- Big Me

  Unlike most members of this group, I am not a fan of the Foo Fighters. But this song gets me. the airy, pop vibe is a perfect departure from Nirvana by Dave Grohl, and proof that he could be a viable frontman.

74. The Flaming Lips- The W.A.N.D.

  Another political song. this one supports America ( we're on top, it should stay that way, blah blah blah.) But the intro is almost universally recognized by rock fans, and for good reason.

73. Cold War Kids- We Used To Vacation

  **** I'm tired. Just listen to the song.

72. Alive In Wild Paint- Ceilings

 Alive In Wild Paint is another new band, releasing their first in March. Ceilings, their first single off the CD of the same name, proves AIWP can be a success for years to come with its unique, calming, near mystical sound. 

71. Calexico/ Iron & Wine- He Lays In The Reins

If God sang, he would sound like Sam Beam (the genius behind Iron & Wine). He's that good. He Lays in the Reins isn't an overly complex song, but the vocal mastery of Mr. Beam is perfect.  


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