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It is clear that sports has no clear cut policy dealing with thugs, drugs or other issues....

I still remember when Strawberry was caught his third time and in jail; the next time I saw him... he was playing for the Yanks.  Rose was one of the best to play and as a player had a great career.  When he became a coach; he bet on games to win and was not only banished for life as a coach but banished from the hall as a player.  It is strange that we have steriod users that used for years in the hall and if Barry could find a team today; he would play; even though he will be convicted as a liar on the stand; give it time.

Mark refused to tell anything on the stand and clearly used; juries still out on the hall.  Sammy made a comeback; much smaller and clearly not the same player.  Roger clearly has many issues but lying on the stand will let him join Barry and pretty much trash his career and any chance for the hall.

After so many years that so many players were using; why do you think now we are trying to act as if we care?  Canseco openly admitted he used and says it made him a great player.  After reading Juiced; it was clear he was defending steriods and proud of what it did for him and also looking for a way to make money. 

We pay athletes millions of dollars and clearly the pressure to perform has spun the entire system into a mess. I know drugs have been in sports for decades and if we really looked hard at former great players and teams; it would be ugly for most of them.  Babe Ruth was openly drinking and could care less about being a role model.  Chalres Barkley said in defense to drinking and gambling "I am not a role model to anyone".  However he was clearly wrong... Kids dream of being the next star and look at the current players as role models.  Anyone shocked so many come out of high school a mess?? Even Bradshaw has admitted for some strange reason to using steriods for a short time to heal.

Parents worked their kids hard to get the scholarship or chance to play and might also teach them lessons on character and current morals.  It gets old to see a promising athlete throw it all away because he clearly has no common sense. Anthony played one year and won the title in college.  Clearly he is a solid player but his off court decisions may cost him a long career.  How many great players have we seen throw it all away and never become what they could have as an athlete superstar?

Vick had millions and a life style we can only dream of but clearly lacked common sense and now sits in a jail cell with nothing.  Knowing the NFL.. he will be back.

Maybe less money and mandatory counseling when they turn pro??  As they play and gain maturity.. their pay reflects it..Why would they want a college degree with millions thrown at them at 18 or 19 years old?  They end up blowing it on drugs or other issues and have no education and clearly are in a mess. Never forget the Redskins superstar that retired and admitted he could not read and write...

I am not sure of the answers but whatever we decide it needs to be a blanket policy for all sports and be consistent.  Like anything rules are set and if broken there are steps to take to try to help and correct.  However, if it is clear they do not care and cannot follow any rules; let them work at a hardees a few years and get reality.  We need programs to mentor new and young players with counseling and accountability steps as they are given millions with no clear mentoring.  We need clauses in contracts that reflect huge fines or contract voids when issues arise... I think getting caught several times on a DUI might be a red flag??!!

I love sports and have played, coached and help develop my own kids.  I do want them to achieve success but most of all I want them to have a long life and be healthy and happy. If we want to see sports thrive and kids dream.. we may consider also teaching them ways to handle the lifestyles they face.

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