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Bigalke: As the field winnows down -- only eight throwdowners remain with clear loss columns in the tournament -- the stakes become higher. And with that, we bring in another guest host to the booth -- today we are happy to welcome Porkins to the show... but enough pleasantries. You need predictions, we’ve got ‘em, so let’s get down to business!


AHNN: And The Big Z gets to go first this go round- having a great pick’em last round- But D-Fan was the Big Winner last round- getting 12 right with me and Z both tagging 11.



# 17 A throwdowner named NCshvDavid  v. #25 G.O.A.T.


Bigalke: This should be a great throwdown, David... and lo and behold, there YOU are. What do you think, David... how do you anticipate this one shaking out?


AHNN: I’m just happy to be here- to be honest, I mean I did NOT expect to make it last round- but now that I’m here- I’m scared almost as much I have faced GOAT before- and I am willing to give him credit for being great at NBA FAR beyond his years- but he is KILLING people in other sports.


Bigalke: Having lost last round to GOAT, I know that he is on frighteningly-good form right now. That said, he is taking on the man with more experience here than any other throwdowner. These two are 2-2 lifetime against one another, so this Elite throwdown will decide their lifetime series to date.


AHNN: Well I’ll be honest, I’m going to give him an NBA topic, I know what I am getting into with the NBA with him- In an NFL topic, GOAT 2.0 might stun me.


Bigalke: GOAT is undefeated in the past month, going 5-0-0... but then again, David’s five losses and four draws have come against FORTY-TWO... no wait, FORTY-THREE wins for an 86.5% rate of victory. GOAT’s got a streak going, sure... but David’s few defeats include battles against Porkins and Goodell, hardly shameful losses. I just have to think that David is simply too hard-wired into this format to drop a loss in the third round of the tourney...


Porkins: With almost 1,000 throwdowns, who could bet against NCshvDavid?  Clearly he's put his life, job, mortgage payments, family's well-being, and personal hygiene on hold for the betterment of his FN persona…(shudder)


And he goes up against Scranton's own G.O.A.T.  Life's answer to the question of how many times you can get hit in the head with a basketball before permanent damage sets in…



AHNN: Me Baby!

Bigalke: David

Porkins: David. He just throws so much ridiculous crap at you that you can't argue it all.  If you can't beat 'em, obfuscate 'em.




#5 PhillyEagles36 v. #4 Ghost...will survive!!


Bigalke: Philly and Ghost are currently squaring off in another tournament, the championship of the Pro Triangle Tourney. That, indeed, is their first time matching up against one another... and from the looks of it, these two throwdowners are well matched against one another.


AHNN:  Should be good- both of these two have great records- and have been backing it up in the tourney


Bigalke: These two have nearly identical records for the past month. Ghost’s numbers (15-3-2, 80.0%) look like someone just decided to double Philly’s numbers (7-1-2, 80.0%). Ghost’s three losses have come to Cassidy, Dawgee and Steveo -- hardly any shame in any of those. Philly took his loss, actually, to YOU, David... so who do YOU think will take this one?


AHNN: Oh I think I got a lucky topic to be honest with you- not a true test- Kind of like the SIFS one to Ghost- So I don’t really have a read here- but Ghost seems to be stepping up lately, So I’ll take Philly right now


Bigalke: This one should definitely be an epic -- two stalwarts at the top of the FanNation leaderboard. Keep your eyes peeled, because this one could quickly get intense...


Porkins: It's summer in Dallas.  Mom locked her closet, so there's no more dress-up…The Star Trek re-run marathon ended in June…What else does PhillyEagles36 have to do besides sit in the A/C and perfect his TD technique? 


Meanwhile, it looks like Ghosthunter is driving the idiot train.  He just backed it up to add a TD to his road to Elite victory.  Of course, in his world that makes sense.  Kind of like not wearing pants to work.





Bigalke: This is a tough one... but I’m leaning Ghost...

Porkins: Assuming he gets past his self-inflicted bout with Steveo, Ghost is just too unpredictable to bet against.  Heck, he might even challenge himself in between.




#14 thehemogoblin is anti-mullet v. #6 Porkins: Respects Respect


AHNN: Never heard of these two


Bigalke: Hemo beat Porkins in the TDAholics tournament semifinal back on April 7 to open up this hot streak of reaching the late rounds of tournaments. These two are 1-1 lifetime against each other, so this one will decide who takes the lead in the series. Porkins, meanwhile, comes into the matchup equally hot -- he sports a spotless 18-0-0 record in the past thirty days...


AHNN: I was the last to beat Porkins –Just wanted to throw that out there. But DAYUM Hemo has BLOWN up lately- and has pushed him self in the second level of MONSTER TDers on here


Bigalke: Hemo, meanwhile, is sitting at 8-1-0 in the past thirty days... and that only loss has come courtesy of me in the deciding debate of the SIFS Championship. Both of these great minds come in knowing exactly what each needs to do to advance onward without a loss.


AHNN: Hemo wins this and my personal big 3 might become a big 4


Porkins: Super- the hemogoblin in the late rounds of yet another tournament- Just what we all want to see.  What's next, a new Fox reality show about a misunderstood all-American sap looking for love?  Would he star in that too??

And Porkins…I mean, do you hate that guy as much as I do?  He's always in my face.  God.




AHNN: hemporkins – ah heck- gimmie the pig- only since he gets the topic

Bigalke: Both these guys have given me fits... but I can’t beat Porkins, so I’ve got to pick him...

Porkins: Hemo's been crazy with the big wins lately.  And the schizophrenia.  But mostly the big wins…




#10 0x NBA/NFL Champion v. #2 WALLACE


Bigalke: This final matchup of unblemished records comes down to one throwdowner who hadn’t even been active for months prior to his invitation into the Elite Tournament and another who had only completed five throwdowns by the time his opponent here “retired”.


AHNN: Well if Wallace hasn’t shaken the rust off by now- 0x will send him to the other side- But nice to see Wallace stop this whole I stink thing


Bigalke: Wallace has been proving he still has got good debating form with his work in the tournament, winning his first two contests over dudeman and Denis. 0x, meanwhile, comes into this round having gone 4-1-1 in the past month, a loss to Super Squirrel his only defeat and a draw to djroxalot to mark that column.


AHNN: To be honest, I really didn’t know 0x that well, but I am becoming a BIG fan of his- I am really interested to see what happens NEXT week when one of these two face someone I am MUCH more familiar with. I respect both of these- but I don’t really FOLLOW them that much


Porkins: It's July, which means that 0x's Minnesota igloo has thawed out enough for him to see the sun.  But he'd rather stay curled up at his computer.  Why bother playing sports when you can watch highlights and write about them?  Lucky for us…


…But perhaps unlucky for Wallace.  Another Pennsylvania sports nerd.  What's in that water?  Whatever it is, if this guy is any indication, it gives you man-crushes on soccer players around the world…I'll keep packing my Dasani, thanks.



AHNN: I’m going 0x

Bigalke: Wallace in a squeaker...

Porkins: Until someone knocks him off the leaderboard, you have to go with Wallace.  Maybe he'll stick around long enough for that to happen this time.



Bigalke: Well, that is all for today, folks. Stay tuned soon as we continue onward to break down the one-loss bracket. Those competitors must win if they want to take the Elite title or go home and cry into their Cheerios. Thanks for joining us... you stay classy, FanNation!


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