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Well it sure has been a long time since the last blog post but who can blame a guy like me for taking some time to revel in the stunning success of some of my favorite teams. First my beloved manchester united captures the league and european cup double, and barely a month after that the Boston Celtics capture banner number 17! Add to that the Euro tourney which was well worth the billing, and youve got a few hectic sports months that kept me away from the blogs. But now i make my triumphant return to the sound of.....crickets??? Well even if nobody notices, im back and ive got some stuff to get off my chest.

First thing is first, I am sick and tired of the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga. It has taken up the bulk of the soccer reporting over the last two months and I have had enough. I have come to a very tough conclusion, and that is this, sell him for the unreal amount of money weve been offered OR make him come out in a press conference and declare his allegiance to this great club. He goes on and on about his dreams of pulling on the white shirt of madrid, but little does he know that he currerntly is living the dream of millions of others, pulling on the red no. 7 shirt. He is a hero to all the manchester fans that have watched him mature from the stepover king with little scoring punch into the dynamite offensive weapon he is today. I count him among the three best players in the world, and thats based on the past few years and on accomplishments, not just hype and repeating what others are saying. I say he currently sits just behind Kaka as the worlds best, followed closely by messi who will surely be the best one day. But he doesnt have the right to use manchester as a wagering chip. If he really wants to go to madrid thats fine, hes a human being he has the right to fulfill his dreams, but he needs to make clear one way or the other. To be honest I think Manchester will actually be better without him. His departure will open up a spot in a very cluttered midfield that has plenty of young talent in it. Anderson is well on his way to becoming one great attacking midfielder, and as for the winger position Nani looks set to continue the red devils long held love affair with speedy wingers (see best, giggs, beckham, ronaldo). If he were to leave its possible owen hargreaves would be able to fill the right side if nani played on the left, because hargreaves showed in a few epl games last season that he can get forward and deliver good crosses into the box. Also Michael Carrick really showed his class this year by being an intergal part of two trophy runs, and by holding his place in that crowded midfield. He may not be able to show it for england, but at old trafford carrick is respected for his passing and vision. And as for the goal scoring, you never have to worry where manchester will get that from. Tevez and Rooney arent your out and out poachers ala ruud van nistelrooy but with more of the ball being spread around after ronaldos departure, you can bet rooney will pop in his fair share more than he did this season. So thats how i see it, either he comes out and says he wants to go down as the best ever to wear the red and black(which if given time he definitley will, hes already got about 100 goals in the shirt) or he needs to move on to madrid. I know people will say hes being stopped by the club, but he controls his own fate, in this day and age we all know thats true. I have loved watching him, and hope to continue to see that red 7 streaking down the flanks, but the truth is if he leaves, we will just find another legend and give him the shirt, just ask David Beckham it didnt take long for his post to be filled.


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