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    Okay we saw what the infusion of Derek Anderson did to the Cleveland Browns entire offense last season. What new additions could spike offensive numbers this year for us fantasy players? Lets take a look at 5 teams:

Washington Redskins:

    Okay so Jason Campbell is back and while that by itself may not be the greatest thing since Todd Collins sparkled in relief last year, lets take a look a bit deeper: With Santana Moss and Antwaan Randel El as the speedy smaller options, the Skins went big in the draft, picking up Devin Thomas(6'2") ,Malcolm Kelly(6'4"), and TE Fred Davis(6'4") to complement them. This should make Jason Campbell's job that much easier to find an open target if Clinton Portis cant get out of his way again next year. Supposedly new coach Jim Zorn is going to be implementing the West Coast offense, so it is essential to have size at WR and guys who can run after the catch(RAC).

Minnesota Vikings:

    Okay so the Vikes made some much needed upgrades on O to help out struggling QB Tavaris Jackson. They got vet Bernard Berrian at WR and a FB in Thomas Tapeh who can blitz pick up. I think the Vikes are still another quality WR from being a playoff threat as Adrian Peterson is going to see 8 in the box until Tavaris can beat defenses consistently with his arm.

Oakland Raiders:

    Okay basically JaMarcus Russell is still really a rookie this year so the Silver and Black getting Javon Walker and Drew Carter can only help JR find some vet targets when that shaky Raider O-line breaks down as usual. McFadden/Farges tandem should keep the opposing LBs honest, JaMarcus has no excuse not to succeed. Playoffs? No, dont go there though.

 Buffalo Bills:

    Okay so now Trent Edwards has somebody to compliment Lee Evans on the other side of the field with the drafting of 6'6" 220 lb James Hardy. Also look for another offensive monster TE Courtney Anderson 6'6" 270 lb target over the middle when nothing is open on the sidelines or over the top. Trent Edwards was third best in the NFL in red zone completion percentage, but only 25th in TDs. These new giants can only help the latter stat rise.

Tenessee Titans:

    Vince Young has a playmaker at TE finally with the acquisition of vet Alge Crumpler. VY loves to make decisions on the fly on what better open than to have Crumps breaking free over the middle almost every time? Unfortunately the loss of Chris Brown to the Texans is going to severely hurt the running game unless you believe a combo of Lendale White and rookie Chris Johnson will pick the slack. Not bloody likely.

    Comments on any of these teams/players?


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