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ROYALw/CHEESE* 27,29,11
Hello Bronco fans. It's time we refuel our engines and get back to work on the greatest group on Fannation. I'll start with a blog on the latest and most important news that has been happening with the Broncos and some information just around the NFL.

First things first, yesterday when I was looking around on the internet for something to do, I find on Yahoo! Sports that Brandon Marshall had another run in with the Po Po. In the report it says that Brandon was caught "allegedly disobeying his lane assignment, driving without a license, and driving without proof of insurance". Big deal? I say yes. It may not see like much, but even the littlest things can trigger you to get more out of control than you set off to be. And for a guy like Brandon Marshall, who we all know has had a bad reputation for off field events, anything involving the cops is sad and disappointing. Especially when his main goal this year was to "to be clean-cut and don't get into trouble". This should also frighten Bronco fans since the league was looking into suspending Marshall for the incident that happened with his girlfriend. It hasn't been proven that he hit her, but if Brandon. wasn't under the microscope before, you can bet his leash is getting shorter by the day.

Now let's move onto some news around the league. I'll start with the heart warming/gag-reeling story of Tony Gonzalez. While eating in a restaurant in California, Tony saw someone choking. See as though no one could help him, he came to the rescue and gave the guy the heimlich maneuver and saved the man's life. Only, the man was a Chargers fan. Had Tony been aware of this before, being the good person he is, he probably still would've done it. But if it were any Broncos player, I am more than confident that they would sit on their butts, laughing and mocking them while his faced turned that powder blue color he must like (mind you, for those people who are sickened by me, this is an exaggeration). But, I do have one question in mind, was this man really choking? Or was this all a display of real a real Charger fan? After all, he was CHOKING right? Something the Chargers are very fond of in the playoffs. Some say that this fan will converge to be a Chiefs fan. Well, I say nay. This man will keep on being the truest Charger fan and he will keep on choking. Good for him.

The next big news that everyone is tired of hearing about is Brett Favre's "comeback". ESPN, keeps referring to it as another comeback. There are two thing wrong with that: First, when was his FIRST comeback? Second, a comeback is not saying you retire, give the media bull **** tears and say you want to come back a month later. If great Favre were a good person, he'd quit screwing with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers (who by the way is now my second favorite current QB in the NFL for putting up with Favre). If Brett Favre is so worried about his legacy, he would've kept playing until HE wanted to, not when other people and the media started to say that he needed to. Look at Jerry Rice. Is his legacy tarnished for staying all those years? For going to the Raiders, the Seahawks, the Broncos? No! He's the great football player ever! Favre needs to stop being a **** and live with the fact that he's being a huge jerk and that if he comes back he will be the biggest jackass on the face of the earth.

On that note I will end this blog and hopefully we can get this group re-going again.

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