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Boob Toob No More!!!!

Why I won't be watching this Summers Line Up.

Ok people I admit it, I'm a certified "Couch Potato". I work a sedative job and when I'm not working, I'm seated in front of my computer doing animation, 3D modeling and just fooling around. So you can see where the programs on TV can be a huge part of my life. Well that was until this Summers line-up.

Where to begin? Well lets go back a few months. There was this thing called a "Writers Strike". The Writers of all shows, "Movies, Videos, Animation and even Sitcoms," where on strike. They wanted higher wages and a cut of the profits. It was actually pretty reasonable after all their the ones comming up with the shows and writing all the dialog. So after a couple months of the Directors and promoters going it on their own, they finally caved. Well, it was a couple months too late.

There was nothing and I mean nothing. I have 128 channels and there were 93 Channels with paid programming, (Infomercial garbage). There were 13 News channels, (This includes ESPN). There were 9 channels with ancient reruns, (1. I Love Lucy, 2. Mash, 3. Hogans Hero's, 4. Boxing, 5. Grid Iron Greats, 6. EXC Fight Night, 7. Frasier, 8. Will & Grace, 9. Little House on the Prairie). The rest was complete garbage.

I was watching TV late the other night and noticed that there was nothing on worth watching. Oh sure I could have watched ancient reruns of "Hogans Hero's" or "Mash". I however turned to watch what I thought may be a relatively new episode of MMA fighting on "EXC Fight Night" or some such. The fight was old and by that I mean a year or more and had been on every day for a month. It was sad in the fact I got to watch the same garbage announcers ridicule a wrestler who was actually winning the fight and listen to them talk up a JJ fighter who spent most of the fight on his back or taking shots to the face and body while standing. Well you can guess my outrage when they called the fight for the JJ guy. I was not surprised however, I've seen it more times then I can count. So, I changed the channel to see what else was on.

This Summers line-up stinks. I won't mention all the shows as that would take far to long and bore everyone to death. Well thats no my intent, so I won't. I will however mention one extremely horrible show that I believe if the writers strike had not occurred, would never have made it on the air. That show is "The Denise Richards Show a.k.a."Denise"." This show stinks to high heaven. I first have to admit that I did not turn to this show out of interest or even curiosity.

So I finally turned to a Show I had not seen before and I figured it would stink but, I was out of options. I turned on "Denise". I have got to say that after watching for 10 minutes I can honestly understand why she is divorced. She isn't upset with her Charlie Sheen because he was into porno or because he went for another woman. No she's mad because he found someone else more desirable then her. I mean it really showed how uptight she is. Denise Richards is not outraged that her Charlie Sheen likes to watch porno yet she hs appeared in "Playboy" and wants to do it again. Sure "Playboy" isn't porn but, it's not the wholesome church going mommy thing to do, which is what Denise Richards wanted all of us to believe when she filed for divorce and custody of her kids.

Anyway, my point is this, thers nothing to watch and So if your looking for me, I'll be either reading Fannation, Riding a bike, Swimming, Hiking, Bungee Jumping or out for a walk. Anything but watching TV. On the bright side, I expect to lose 20 lbs this Summer. Thanks to the "Writers Guild of America".

This has been yet another daily blog posted for your enjoyment. Cheers!!!


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