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As the final all-star voting ends, people need to realize there is a Wright way to vote for the N.L. and it's not for Corey Hart or Pat Burrel. It's for David Wright. is reporting that with only one day left to vote. Outfielder Corey Hart of the Brewers is the leading vote getter with David Wright, right on his heels followed by a very close 3rd in Pat Burrel, who is another outfielder. The thing is though if you look at the numbers hard, I may be able to comnvice you otherwise that David Wright is the best choice for the All-Star game.

If you look at the numbers between David Wright and Corey Hart, they are close. They are both very good at what they do. A big difference though is the defense. While Corey Hart is a good defensive outfielder, he is not great. David Wright has won a gold glove. Both are young and you also have to take into the fact that they play two different positions. 3rd base is a more of a reaction position while the outfield is a great way to show off your speed and big arm. That is not to take away form either player because both are fast and both have good arms. If I were to give a nod on to either player, I would probably have to give it to Wright because of his gold glove status and he may be on his way to another won. But I can't lie I rarley watch the Brewers this is all coming from

Now go to the offensive side of the ball where they are also almost dead even. For David Wright he has been more of a streaky hitter this year where at times he looks good and other times not so much. Latley he has been hitting much better. Corey Hart has been a very consistent and has really stepped it up in July. His recent power surge has brought him to a total of 14 home runs.

If you crunch the stats down it looks something like this. According to Hart has a batting average advantage of.296 to .288. Wright is leading Hart in the Home run and RBI catagorey with 17 round trippers and 70 RBI's, to Hart's 14 home runs and 56 RBI's. Wrights biggest advantage comes when you talk about his on base percentage where he is at .413 to Hart's .336. Wright also has a better OPS (on base plus slugging percentage) which is generally used around the league as a way to dtermine how good of an offensive player you are (I didn't say it, they did, Wright has that advantage with an .893 OPS, to Hart's .846.

They are pretty close in some other statistics too such as slugging percentage where they are dead even at .510. Hart has thirteen stolen bases to Wrights nine and Hart has one more hit then Wright does with 101.Wright has nine more runs scored then Hart but that's not always something you can control.

This isn't in the hands of me though. You've seen the numbers and you make the decision for yourself. It looks to me that there is a Wright way to vote and there is a wrong way to vote. Look at the numbers yourself and you decide, and quickly because voting ends July 10th.


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