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Hello and welcome to another edition of the SoccerNation Report.  Before I get started please check this out if you haven't yet.  Read it well because it's pretty important.  Here we go.


The Big Gripe- I want Blatter's head.  Yep, I said it.  I want the man fired, chopped off the block.  As Naxself has pointed out in the previous blog I have to say that Blatter has made his share of stupid remarks.  First he went off talking about women and now this.  I say we need a new man in charge of FIFA.  Someone like the great Franz Beckenbauer (who organized the 2006 World Cup) or Michel Platini (who is the current UEFA president.)  As much as I hate Manchester United, I have to say that Ronaldo is none of his or any one's business.  Ronaldo signed a contract and if Man. U want to play him every game or sit him on the bench then they can.  Not Ronaldo or any other played should be allowed to call their own shots.  You may be protecting a player but you aren't protecting the principles upon which FIFA were created.  So, in short, I want you gone Sepp.




The Big Deal- No more David for France.  Due to the France's decision to keep manager Raymond Domenech, David Trezeguet has decided to retire from international football.  One of the most dangerous strikers in the Serie A and even in Europe will no longer look to play for his country.  Remember guys this is the man that scored the golden goal in the Euro 2000 Final.  He has to be one of the nicest guys in a sport that you don't have a lot of nice guys, too.  In 2006-2007, David decided that he would stay and play for Juventus in the Serie B and help them get out.  He did and to be that was very honorable.  So is it David?  I don't think so.  Domenech has to be doing something that David doesn't like and that isn't good at all.  France were missing a good attack and I think it's because Treze wasn't there to help.  I know that he would have played better than Benzema.  If Domenech is smart he'd beg David to come back.  With Benzema and Ribery attacking from the midfield and Trezeguet and his best friend Henry up top the French would be able to score tons and not worry about playing defence.  This is awful for this team both morale and playing wise because Thierry is a good friend of his.  We'll just have to wait and see what comes of this one.







 Game of the Day- Well today I've got one for you to watch.  If you live in the east and you are like me you need to set the VCR.  At 11:00 Chivas USA will take the LA Galaxy in the "El Superclasico" of MLS.  The winning side (if there is one) will be in first place in the Western Conference.  Tune in I really think this one will be good.  I'm going to be watching Landon Donovan and Brad Guzan in this one.





Well, I hope you liked the rants.  It's been Keeper and I'm out.


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