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Coltslaxer32 needs redemption

After a crazy Night of Champions pay per view and some intense RAW's, SmacjDowns' and ECW's lately, I have chosen three hyped-up matches that should be reviewed in depth before the upcoming pay per view, Great American Bash. The three I have chosen for this 3 count series are Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels, Triple H vs Edge (WWE Championship Match) and Batista vs CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship match). These three matches have been boiling throughout WWE fans recently and in my opinion, will live up to the hype.

1. Chris Jericho (Y2J) vs. Shawn Michaels (Heartbreak Kid, HBK)

Tensions between the two RAW wrestlers have been boiling ever since Backlash when Batista and HBK started to pick fights after HBK giving Ric Flair three doeses of Sweet Chin Music and winning the match, endind Ric Flairs 36 year and Hall-of-Fame career. Chris Jericho got into the picture after he started ripping on HBK for faking in a rematch at Backlash. He gave him a best actor award and they had a tough match at Judgement Day. HBK pulled victorious and then payed the price against Batista when he lost a stretcher match. Recently, Y2J smashed the heartbreak kid through at TV screen. For payback he interfered with Y2J's intercontinental championship match, causing him to lose the belt to Kofi Kingston. Then they got the match. My prediction will be a normal match. Nobody will interfere and it will just be a tough match for both superstars. Y2J will deliver a codebreaker and will pay HBK a lot of lessons hurting him throughout the match, but in the end, HBK will deliver the band and win the match.

2. Triple H vs Edge (WWE Championship Match)

There hasnt been any tensions between the two superstars at all becuase of Triple H moving the WWE Championship to SmackDown after getting drafted there on the final pick due to the 15 man battle royale as the main event on that unforgettable monday night. Edge first won the World Championship at Armageddon taking it from Batista after a triple threat match including the Undertaker in it as well. He has defended it or been in title matches in every PPV since then until now due to his "family" that has unfairly done deeds such as trade all good superstars to different brands and banish the Undertaker from the WWE as well. Anyhow, CM punk cashed in the Money in the Bank to take the belt from Edge and leave him with nothing. But when these two superstars clash, will his "family" be at ringside. I dont think so. After Edge called off the wedding for him and general manager, Vickie Guerrero becuase of his harsh feelings after losing the title, Vickie was left for dead. I think it will be a good match, but it will be decided by a Pedigree in the end. Triple H will emerge WWE Champion.

3. CM Punk vs Batista (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Not much hype on this match either becuase both of the superstars found a new home on Monday nights due to the draft as well. But Batista quickly leaped in to contention after beating Kane, JBL and John Cena in a fatal four way match to earn the title match against CM Punk. But something unexpected will happen. Batista can easily overpower CM Punk but he will turn to some sort of help. CM Punk cannot defeat Batista on his own either. Possible ideas could be Edge as well. Edge, furoius,\ after losing his title and maybe his girl could come on and show some havoc. But....not likely. He should be preparing for his title match against Triple H. What I say, CM Punk wins on an interference by one of his allies....but I do not know who.


This is going to be one hell of a pey per view and it is a bridgeway to SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer.


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