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CHELSEA FC FAN'S : THURSDAY JULY 10,2008  I wanted to take a moment this evening to address a concern that's really starting to frey the nerves of our Chelsea faithful. The subject of this concern is Frank Lampard. To anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention, you've noticed that the Lampard transfer rumors have been a day in day out media extravaganza of sorts thoughout the last couple of months. I think it's a safe bet to assume that everyone is getting tired of all the nonesense. I saw an article on Fannation Truth & Rumors today that went as far as to suggest that Lampard is prepared to buy out the remainder of his current contract with Chelsea...

That particular article comes from "The Telegraph", a London based tabloid that creates its own headlines. The thing that really makes me cringe, is my anticipation of the next rumor. It will sound something like this : Lampard Makes Bid To Buy And Resell Chelsea Franchise, Plans to Dissolve his contract Ok, we've had enough already. I'm sorry but the truth to this delema is much less interesting and alot more ordinary. Lampard has one year left on his contract..... He's asked for a raise..... Chelsea has declined his request......Chelsea has shopped around for his replacement. So, I believe Lampard is leaving yes. However, I don't believe everything I have heard and read. Frank's not a monster, he's a football player and a good one. Lets try to leave it at that.

The following article was published today, July 10th. This is the latest, up to date "REAL" news on Lampard and it doesn't offer anything decisive. It's from the TimesOnline and was written by Kaveh Solhekol. keep in mind as it says below, the Transfer window doesn't close until the end of August. Take a look.

From The Times July 10, 2008

Inter Milan go the extra mile to satisfy Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard

 Kaveh Solhekol

Frank Lampard will leave Chelsea this summer unless he is given the five-year, £140,000-a-week contract that the England midfield player believes he deserves.

The London club have offered Lampard £140,000 a week in a four-year deal that is worth more than £29 million, but the 30-year-old is so disillusioned with his employers' reluctance to bend to his will that he has decided to follow José Mourinho to Inter Milan before the transfer window closes at the end of next month.

The Italian club are confident that Lampard will be playing for them next season, despite Chelsea saying yesterday that they would not release him until his contract runs out next summer. Mourinho has persuaded Inter to offer Lampard a four-year deal worth £120,000 a week, which will become five years if Inter lift the European Cup while Lampard is at the club.

Lampard feels so strongly about Chelsea's refusal to match Inter's offer of an extra year that he is preparing to turn his back on the club and move his family to Milan. Chelsea have rejected Inter's £8 million offer for a player who has scored 110 goals and won two league titles since he arrived at the club from West Ham United in 2001, but they are likely to soften their stance when they discover that his heart is no longer at Stamford Bridge.

"We have offered him what we believe to be a very good new contract," Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman, said. "He has, for the moment, decided not to accept that contract. Having said that, there is still one year remaining on his contract and we expect and hope that he will honour it. During the course of the year there will still be the opportunity to sign the new contract because the offer that we have made remains on the table."

Inter will ignore Buck's claim that Lampard is not for sale and submit an offer of £10 million. The Italian champions wrote to Chelsea on Monday to ask if they could discuss buying Lampard but, despite being told that he was not for sale, they submitted an £8 million cash offer on Tuesday. "I know that the possibility of Lampard is still open," Beppe Baresi, the Inter assistant coach, said yesterday.

According to Buck, Chelsea are expecting to sell about six players and bring in one or two this summer, but they have denied reports in Spain that they are close to signing Robinho, the Brazil forward, from Real Madrid. Spanish newspapers claimed last night that Robinho's agent had arrived in London to negotiate a £28 million transfer, but this has been dismissed.



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