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Ok are you as sick of this story as I am already?  I've finally decided to voice an opinion on the whole Brett Favre saga.  I guess every sport needs one, the NBA with Michael Jordan, MLB Roger Clemens, NHL Mario Lemieux and the NFL with Favre.  But there are an afwul lot of things that haven't made sense in this whole story right from the get-go.  Additionally does anyone remember who won the Super Bowl last year?  Because all I seem to see for NFL stories are Favre, the Patriots and the Cowboys... but I digress.

One of the more stunning things to transpire last year was the fact that Favre and the young Packers made a huge leap from 8-8 to losing by a field goal in OT in the NFC Championship Game.  After threatening to retire coming off frustrating seasons with that young team in the past, one would've figured upon coming that close to another Super Bowl apperance that Favre would've welcomed the challenge to take another shot.

In the same token while I understand the Packers wanting to move on, but unless they felt last year was an abberaion or that the team had reached their peak with Favre at the helm, I don't know why they wouldn't want to bring him back into the fold.  Take a look around the league and at other teams with recent legends who've bowed out of the game and look how long it took them to recover if they even have at all.  Buffalo with Jim Kelly, Miami with Dan Marino, Denver with John Elway, San Francisco with Steve Young, etc.  Teams have a real hard time recovering once they lose that franchise quarterback.  Heck the last time the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game Troy Aikman was their QB.

If you're Green Bay I belive you have to reinstate him, otherwise that's real bush-league on their part to a living legend.  Conversely considering they still have Favre under contract, they should not cave in and release him.  Although if they think he's so washed up that he can't quarterback the Pack, then what is the harm in letting him go if he can't possibly be good enough to play for the Vikings, Bears or Lions?  Ultimately he'll either be the starter in Green Bay or accomodated in a trade to an AFC team.  Teams that would be smart to inquire about Favre in the AFC are, Miami, Buffalo, Houston, New York, Baltimore and Kansas City.

I always tended to chastize the media in overblowing the coverage of Favre, sometimes making people so sick of the story that they'd blame Favre for leaving his decision up in the air.  This time though some fault does go on the shoulders of Favre, he should've just said coming this far with the season being that much longer I'm going to need some extra time to recover from such a mentally and physically draining loss, the end.  Instead we've actually learned nothing.  Like I've always maintined I'll believe this guy is really retired when on Week 1 of the NFL season he isn't suiting up for anybody, so why should we be so suprised?

For what it's worth to the Packers, ponder this thought.  I'm sure the Giants are really happy that despite him skipping training camp amid talks of retirement, that Michael Strahan came back for one last season to give the team a huge on-field and emotional lift for their defensive run in winning the Super Bowl.  Even with all the drama and speculation it worked out.  Contrary to that perhaps Favre has become the Packers version of Tiki Barber and maybe both sides moving on would be all for the best.  However a fair warning, once a guy the ilk of Favre is gone especially at the QB position, it is awfully difficult to replace him.


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