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The 2008 WWE Draft was definately one to see and one that I will always remember on my own. But were the pics good? Or total nonsense? On this blog I will review each an every pick on the RAW main draft and will review the 3 steals in the supplememntal draft:

1. Rey Mysterio (RAW)-I think Rey Mysterio was a good pick. It wasnt over the top great and lucky to get but it was not really a bad pick they got either. Rey Mysterio is an ultimate underdog and role model to lots of kids all around the world. He is also a former Cruiserweight Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and a decorated tag team champion with multiple different partners including Chris Benoit, Edge, Batista and Eddie Guerrero. But he has been injured recently A LOT. He missed 9 months with a knee injury and then got reinjured but this time on his bicep and missed another 4 months added onto that. Overall I think this is still a lottry pick.


2. Jeff Hardy (SmackDown)-Jeff Hardy is another dangerous high flyer type guy and is a HUGE fa favorite with perhaps the biggest fanbase in the WWE. For SmackDown to steal him was great for them. BUT, I didnt like what they did with him. In the past 3 weeks he has only had 1 match, and that was a good one against John Morrison. If you get someone like him, he is an every week guy. He has had many tag team titles along with the Light Heavyweight, Hardcore and Intercontinental Champion. Another nice pick.


3. Jim Ross & Michael Cole (RAW & SmackDown)-Jim Ross going to SmackDown and Michael Cole going to RAW in my opinion was a huge transition for the WWE. But was it a good one? Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler have been announcing together ever since RAW was created as a televsion branch off of WWEby Mr. McMahon in 1993. To change a 15 year announcers table to me was not the greatest of ideas. I think it will ruin the announcing fanbase of the WWE and I think it looks stupid for SmackDowns two announcers. Mick Foley and Jim Ross??? How dumb does that look. Michael Cole is my favorite announcer and to see him and my favorite wrestler go to RAW was really a heartbreaker for me.

Double Nay.

4. Batista (RAW)-This is my favorite wrestler and for me this pick is a huge nay. But Batista has a large fanbase and has some very good rivalries with many different wrestlers and for him to go along with Rey Mysterio was a prefect fit for RAW. Batista is a former World Heavyweight Champion multiple times and has established himself in the tag team business winning both titles as well. He will add to the RAW's already stacked roster and will create some ferice compeition on Monday nights. Great great pick.


5. Umaga (SmackDown)-SmackDown had some good picks on the night but this really, to me is the most confusing. So far on SmackDown he has "bulldozed" through his opponents and he seems to be fitting in great and ready for a title match on SmackDown. But I can't see him with any of the belts SmackDown has to offer for him. They got him to really get belts and create a frenzy during matches. He has done well of that but I dont like him with titles. I really dont understand the pick at all. Although this is a hard pick to guess on, my gut says a waste. But it will add to the rosters depth.


6. CM Punk (RAW)-CM Punk was a former ECW Champion who would well define young talent for the WWE. He is easily one of the best wreslters under 5 years of expirience and has already  established himself as one of the best Cruiserweights if not wreslters ever. He has only been ECW Champion once but he cashed in with his money in the bank to win his second title reign and to become World Heavyweight Champion. RAW got a nice pick and a larger fan base with this one. But, a rising question. After he loses the title, can he compete with the compeition currenyl on RAW?

Even. But slight Yay.

7. Kane (RAW)-Kane going to RAW was a large transition. We are talking about a 7 foot monster who has been back and forth from SmackDown and RAW having lots of fights ever since Royal Rumble. He recently lost the ECW Championship to Mark Henry and was traded to RAW. This pick was the most unpredictable. I dont understand this pick either but RAW is the only brand without one true monster. Now they have one. Their roster is getting really stacked and this was one of the top 3 picks of the entire draft as well.


8. Mr. Kennedy (SmackDown)-A completely, flat out, UNPREDICTABLE pick from SmackDown. After winning the battle royale, we are expecting somebody really on-the-radar like Edge or Vickie Guerrero or maybe John Cena to be traded to even out the three rosters in the WWE. But this I didnt understand until I looked within the histrories of the superstars and him. I found out that Edge and Kennedy are HUGE rivals. But to put up all the hype as the main event pick was wrong. Thumbs down for the 1x United States champion.


9. Matt Hardy (ECW)- For ECW's only pick of the main event fraft, I must admit I really like it for ECW's sake. They got Matt Hardy, who is a great wrestler and a large fan favorite with good rivalries and friendships with other wrestlers, but even better for ECW, they brought a new title to the land of the Extreme. If Matt Hardy can hold on to the Unites States Championship until things clear up from the draft, ECW will have a permanent new title. This was a nice pick and for the only pick they got of the night they should be very happy. Of course, they got the best supplememntal draft adding Finlay, Hornswoggle and Mark Henry to their lineup along with some others.


10. Triple H (SmackDown)-The best pick of the night hands down, no arguemtns whatsoever. SmackDown got the most prized possession in all of the WWE (with the cost of the WHC belt of course) and added yet another future hall of famer to their roster as well. The Cerebral Assassin still has the WWE Champion and had officially been named a SmackDown belt. It will have big matches being contensted for it and will bring lots of fans and spotlight and many more main events to come. After the battle roayal it was the perfect pick, even though it was quite predicatable.


Supplemental Draft surprises.

1. Kofi Kingston-getting trade to RAW has brought him great opportunites (with pain) and has given him the Intercontinental Championship.

2. Mark Henry-getting traded to ECW was very big and got him a steal into the triple threat match for the ECW Champioship and he now holds the ECW title and will for months to come.

3. Carlito-going to SmackDown was good for him and for SmackDown. He can make instant rivalries with other superstars and is a former Unites States Champion so expect contention for that belt. Also has the Cabana (mini show).

Tell me what you think...


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