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I write my blogs on the weekends for SIFS and I have noticed that many people here have weekly blogs.  Last night (Saturday), I stayed up til about 2:00 (nothing new, but still), I also put about an hour's work in to this blog, like ten large paragraphs.  I publish it, everything looks good - I accidently delete it about a second after.  My stupid mouse was stuck (I have the old-fashion kind) and I couldn't really control it.  I didn't feel like making the same blog over again so I will start the weekly blog next weekend and this weekend, I will do the best signings since 2007 - all sports.  So be ready for a blog next weekend called "Dawgee's Fresh Weekend Blog" but I'll save that for next week.


3. 1996, Oakland Raiders sign DB Larry Brown to a $12.5 million contract with a $3.5 million signing bonus

Brown signed for a lot of money in 1996 (back then it was a ton of money) after being Super Bowl MVP for the Dallas Cowboys the year before.  Brown had two interceptions in the Super Bowl in 1995 so the Oakland Raiders obviously expected big things out of him.  They didn;t get much though.  While Brown was with Oakland, he was getting burned by bench warmers - badly.  Brown only had two interceptions and 24 tackles in two years with the Raiders before getting waived in 1998.  Super Bowl MVP . . . and now that?  Something had to be wrong - and it was.  Super Bowl XXX (the one that Brown was in) tapes show that the two passes that Brown intercepted were right to him.  Seriously, he hardly had to move his hands on them.  They were such good passes to him that you would have to be really good just to miss those passes that Brown got.  Brown went back to Dallas for his final year of his career after getting released by Oakland and ended his career with 14 regular season interceptions and of course, those two interceptions in the Super Bowl that got all Dallas Cowboys fans excited.



2. 1992, New York Mets sign Right Fielder Bobby Bonilla to a 5 year, $25.00 million contract

Bonilla is probably the worst baseball signing of all time.  He came fresh off some great seasons in Pittsburgh where he was the leader of the team - when he came to New York, the results weren't as good.  He hit .249 the first year and .265 the second year but this wasn't the only problem he had.  In a response to sportswriter Bob Klapisch on his book about the 1992 Mets, Worst Team Money Could Buy: Collapse of the New York Mets, Bonilla threatened to him, "I'll show him the Bronx."  This and as well as one time where during a game, Bonilla called the press box to argue about an error he just made.  Bonilla later tried to cover it up and said that he wanted to check on the PR Director's cold.  Bonilla absolutely sucked in New York while ruining team chemistry - not to mention that making around five million dollars a year in the early '90's was a ton of money.  Without a doubt, Bonilla was definitly the worst baseball signing of all-time.


1. 1996, Seattle SuperSonics sign Center Jim McIlvaine to a seven year, $33.6 million  contract

This deal may not look like a bust - an NBA team signing a center to less than five million dollars a year but he was.  After the Sonics reached the NBA Finals in '96, they had stars in Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Hersey Hawkins.  Seattle decided they wanted more so they signed McIlvaine, a 7-1 center who averaged 2.3 PPG and 2.9 RPG the season before with the Washington Bullets (now Wizards).  Shawn Kemp was not happy with the move since he was hoping that the Sonics would have used the money on him instead to an extension.  Backup centers Sam Perkins and Ervin Johnson were stuck on the bench while they watched McIlvaine score 3.8 PPG and 2.0 BPG during the 1996-1997 season and Kemp was furious.  Club management decided to send him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-way trade that brought the Milwaukee Bucks' Vin Baker to the team.  Baker did terrible in his years in Seattle and the team never made it out of the second round of the playoffs for the next four years.  The blame can't be pointed directly at McIlvaine but the club's decision to sign him made Shawn Kemp get mad and eventually leave the team with no NBA Finals appearences after that.  This is, in my oppinion, the worst signing in history.


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