Stay on Target!

Welcome to part ten of NMI's Meet the Members blog.  NMI continues to help FN defeat idiocy, making things as enjoyable and as fair as possible for everyone.  

We hope you've checked out our previous interviews, located here: rstowe, porkins, NCshvDavidGoodellT-fo, Dusquesne, Jimmer, Hiya, and BSchwartz.

Today we'll be talking with a real, a true gentleman and scholar.  Prepare to butt heads with The Ram.

What made you want to join NMI?
The common threat of idiocy to good and decent folk everywhere.  I have very little tolerance for assclowns and assclownery in general.

What do you like best about FN?
Hilarious comments.  We're all here to be entertained in some form.  I derive entertainment from pointing and laughing at dimwits, dolts, nimrods, jerks, homers, and/or morons.

What do you like least about FN?
The power given to the genuinely stupid.  There are no repercussions for behaving like a complete social miscreant.

Any members of Fannation help get you where you are today?
Hard to say.  As with a few of the other "Elder Statesmen" of FN, I had a fairly developed method to debating before I set foot in the world of FN.  My allies along the way have been the TD Pimp, rstowe, and Porkins, among others.

What drew you to join FanNation?
I took umbrage with many of the hacks who write sports columns for a living.  They have far more access to information than I, but I felt their capacity to analyze the great mass of knowledge in front of them to be severely lacking.  I stumbled upon this place and found I could test how my analytical skills stood up to those of other sports fans.

What do you (plan to) do for a living?
Mechanical Engineer.

What are your goals in life?
Honestly, my goals are to be healthy, happy, good husband and father until the day I die.  Anything else I accomplish is gravy (stop drooling, Porkins.  It's figurative gravy.  It's not real.)

If you could go to one sporting event before you die, what would that be and why?
If I could attend every round of the NCAA tournament that would probably be my number 1.