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Lets just look at who has the most to gain by the All-Star game.  MLB, they make loads of dough, Mr. Selig, he makes loads of dough, players (contracts) they make loads of dough.  Gee, I didn't see the fans getting anything. Oh yeah, they give up loads of dough.  I know the "kids" get to see their favorite players, but its usually not the everyday fans' kids, mostly the kids of the players, coaches, managers, executives, GM's, VP's big companies and their kids, nuff said.

Mr. Selig decides to make the game more meaningful to the players, by giving the winning league homefield advantage in the World Series.  He forgot one thing - little kids are picking the teams.  Lets face it, this is no longer an ALL-Star game, its a vacation game. Why not just give everyone 4 days off.

Now I'll admit that this years starting line-up looks pretty good.  Although we know most will only play about 3 innings.  With the players and managers picking the reserves, we once again see snubs and non all-stars involved.  Don't get me wrong, I like to watch some of the most popular players, but Ken griffey is hitting .235, with 12 HRs and 44 RBI's, also Jason Varitek is hitting .218, with 7 HR's and 28 RBI's.  No matter how much you like the players, these two are not ALL-Stars, this year.

There is one team telling the manager of the AL not to play one of their pitchers. Why? Its somewhat understable since the guy just pitched on Sunday, then why select him? If its in his contract, once again its about money. Also, as previous reported A-Rod didn't participate in the HR derby because it would ruin his swing. Please , just say you don't want to do it instead of some lame excuse. I guess the ones that did participate will be worthless the second half.  The Cubs kept Kerry Woods' finger injury secret so no one would know, then of course he had to be replaced.  Guys opt out every year with lame excuses.

If players and teams don't take this game seriously, why should I.  It's just like Hank Steinbrenner whining because his pitcher was injured in a NL game.  What do you think will happen if A-Rod gets injured and misses a couple months.  I'd bet the "House that Ruth built" will come down sooner than we think.  I would much rather they play the game for fun, with no homefield advantage attached.  Let the play on the field in the regular season determine home field. 

Ok, I know a lot of people will disagree, so lets hear what you think. Bring it on, I can take it. 


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