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Welcome to my very biased and opinionated look at today's soccer news.  Let's see what I have for you today.


The Big Deal- It's really about time a promoted team ACTUALLY tried to sign people so they could stay up in the league.  Hull (yeah, they wear orange) have made three small signings but they are signings nonetheless.  The one that I like is the acquisition of George Boateng.  The former Middlesbrough player always gives you 100% on the field.  They have also signed veteran goalkeeper Tony Warner and Peter Halmosi.  Another newly promoted team also are close to making a key signing.  Scott Carson, a Liverpool goalkeeper, is set to join Stoke City for a fee of £4million.  If this deal happens, it would be Stoke's highest signing ever.


It's a Little Late- But Samir Nasri has been signed by Arsenal.  The French international midfielder is going to be making his way to the club that are 'supposedly' a selling club for the next 20 years.  If you can go out and sign someone for £12million then I don't really think you are much of a selling club.  This is just completely asinine.  Arsenal shouldn't be buying if they are in a mess like they say they are.  If they can afford him, then surely to god they can make payments on that stadium without selling everyone.  If they are out of money then I have to say that I'm not sad for them.  They dug the hole and they need to get themselves out of it.  Liverpool might have the same thing happen when our new stadium is built.  Just remember, we don't need all these expensive stadiums.  They are nice enough now and when you go chasing the all-mighty dollar sometimes you get screwed out of it.  I wish the former Marseille midfielder the best of luck, I hope he ends up being great.  Can you see him and Ribery running at defences for France?  Phenomenal stuff!


A Couple of Quick Little Highlights- Drogba has 10 days to decided his fate, will he pick Chelsea or Inter Milan.  Alexander Hleb is only a medical away from joining Barcelona.  English League Two side Luton have been penalized 30 points and the staff of the club has asked their fans to make the home stadium a fortress.  More to come on these stories in the days and months to come.

Didier Drogba


Today's Games- If you are an Internet sports fan then today will be great for you.  We've got some very crappy Champions League, we got Russian Premier League, Super Liga, Peruvian League, Japanese League, and Brazilian League just to name a few.  If you can watch something watch it.  I envy you if you can.


Tomorrow, I'll be looking over the MLS All-Star Game and would like to chat with you if you will be on.  I will be here at 8:00 A.M. to talk if you want.  As always thanks.  It's bee Keeper and I'm out.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Next (not this Thursday) Thursday I will be leaving for Orlando.  I will be gone until 4 or 5 days and will be back no later than Wednesday.  If you would like to do the SoccerNation Report one of those days then let me know and I'll contact you about that.  Thanks.


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