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Hello and welcome to the SportsFan Household, with me, my parents, and my 10 year-old brother, for the 2008 MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Today we have Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and Ken Rosenthal down on the sidelines. Without further ado, the first Running Diary of FN.

8:00 PM ET             Ernie Banks is addressing the NL All-Stars. He does everything short of "Let's Play Two!" which is what they almost did...

8:03     The NL All-Stars get booed including former player Lou Penilla. Is there irony in that statement? I think so.  And Soraino gets cheered. I guess Yanks have very short memories.

8:03     David Wright gets introduced...and booed. Are there no Met fans in the stadium? It's like a 15-minute drive...

8:04     George Brett addresses AL All-Stars Degrades all Indian and Mariner players by saying that people will play for home field advantage in World Series.

8:06     I Love Big Papi's pose when introduced. He's ready to fight all of the Yankee fans. Also, I noticed that that the Red Sox didn't tip their caps. I love being arrogant.

8:07     I just realized that Dioneer Navarro is very very large. No wonder he's a catcher.

8:08     Buck ruins Mariano Rivera ovation. Such a Buck thing to do.

8:11     I love the idea of the greatest players with the starters.

8:12     Mom notices Rollie Fingers moustache, which really is an icon in itself.

8:13     Goose Gossage still looks after all of these years, but of course his beard isn't as scruffy...

8:14     I find it hysterical that they have a guy who tells the All-Stars when to go. I'm pretty sure they can figure it out by listening for Joe Buck's voice.

8:15     I'm sorry Giants fans but I chuckled a little bit when Willie McCovey fell down.

8:15     I can't tell if they are booing Youkilis or "Youuuuuuuk!"

8:16     I know they are booing Pedroia. Also, my mom laughs at my Youuuuuuuk comment.

8:17     F%$# Wade Boggs and his Yankee hat.

8:18     As A-Rod is introduced Fox frantically looks for Madonna in the crowd.

8:22     Dad attempts to start "Ham-il-ton!!" chant with no success.

8:23     We have a KG sighting!!! He's sporting a Hank Aaron jersey with some white guy...?

8:23     As Reggie Jackson comes out my brother makes a Benchwarmers joke

8:25     Tito gives an FU smirk to the Yankee fans when he comes onto the field. I'm still waiting for someone to throw their beer at him.

8:32            Steinberner's Entrance has nothing on Williams in '99.

8:35     Pretty sure Goose was the only Yankee to throw a strike. And Yogi was on the dirt in front of the plate!!!!

8:46     First McCarver slip up of the night: He called Bartolo Colon Brandon when talking about Cliff Lee's journey to Cleveland.

8:57     Dad sings Madonna songs as A-Rod comes up. I love being a Sox fan...

9:00     Buck makes a homer pick and says Puljos is the best hitter, while I think it's either Hamilton or Manny.

9:02     Ken Rosenthal basically just said that Cliff Lee is a red neck.

9:12     Buck states that Manny should think about his K. What Buck doesn't' know is that Manny doesn't think at all.

9:18     Fox catches A-Rod cheering on Pedroia as he flies out and then picks his nose. Scoreless through 2.

9:23     Yogi Berra calls Buck Jack to my laughs.

9:33     Even after a 6-4-3 DP Jeter still gets cheers. I don't get Yankee fans at all.

9:43     A-Rod shows off his purple lips as the score does not change after 3 innings 0-0.

9:46     Buck plugs a relative's birthday (pathetic) and then follows with who will have the home field advantage in the World Series? Low moment for the duo.

9:48     Bradley gets picked off at first. Scoreless after 4.

9:53     Holliday scores first run by homering off of Ervin Santana, or the lesser known Santana. 1-0 NL.

10:10   Captain Clutch...not so much. Jeter grounds out to Dan Haren. Still 1-0 after 5.

10:17   I'm pretty sure Lance Berkman came into the music of Elvis but I'm not entirely sure.

10:19   Jeter gets ovation as he walks off the field. Sac fly from Berkman score Ramirez 2-0 NL.

10:53   After a boring 6th Inning J.D. "Don't Call Me Nancy" Drew hits a 2-run HR off Edison Volquez to tie the game at 2. Do Yankees fans cheer for the AL tying the game or boo the Red Sox player hitting the homer? These are the questions I'd like answered.

10:58    Papelbon enters to the chants of Mariano and boos.

11:02   Adrian Gonzalez hits a sac fly to put the NL up 3-2. Papelbon gets boos despite Dioneer Navarro throwing the ball away when Tejada stole 2nd.

11:15   Grady Sizemore singles, steals 2nd keeps inning alive.

11:18   Evan Longoria vs. Billy Wagner. The Grizzled Vet facing the Hotshot Rookie...

...11:19 Longoria wins and doubles scores Sizemore 3-3.

11:29            Mariano Rivera appearance

11:32   Strike em out-Throw em out DP to end the threat as Ryan Ludwick strikes out and Christian Guzman gets hosed.

11:42   Kinsler, Navarro, and Drew all K. We are going to extras.

11:53   Dan Uggla ends a 1st and 3rd threat with a 4-6-3 DP

11:57   Uggla follows it up with 2 consecutive errors. Hey Dan check's in the mail!

11:59-12:04 AM Aaron Cook survives a bases loaded no out jam. End 10th.

12:12   Joakim Soria sits down three consecutive after lead-off single.

12:22            Navarro gets hosed at home on Michael Young hit. I will never find myself yelling at a Tampa Ray to score. Quentin grounds out to end 11th.

12:31   On make fun of Uggla night; Soria makes him look life a fool with a 67 MPH curveball.

12:36   George Sherill gets a K on three fastballs. Ends NL threat.

12:39   Carols Guillen misses a HR by 5 ft.

12:45   Cook survives another inning End 12th.

1:00     With no NL threat Uggla makes his 3rd error on the night...but to no avail Carlos Quentin strikes out to end the 13th.

1:08     Nate McLouth scares the living daylights out of AL fans with a warning track pop up.

1:11     Michael Young shows up Dan Uggla as he snares grounder to end NL threat.

1:16     First AL non threat ends with Longoria strikes out to end 14th.

1:25            Morneau snags Guzman grounder to end NL's threat.

1:28     Last position player Brian McCann stops growing out his beard and starts to catch.

1:30-1:36 Morneau singles, Ludwick dives and catches Kinsler fly, Navarro singles Morneau to 2nd, Drew walks, bases loaded 1 out.

1:37     Michael Young pops up to Corey Hart, Morneau tags...SAFE HE'S SAFE!!!!!

            Wow what a game. AL wins 4-3 in 15 innings. JD Drew wins MVP His stats real quick 2-4 1 BB 1 HR and 2 RBIs. But some AL fans will say Uggla is MVP. His stats are 0-4 3 Ks 6 LOB and 3 errors. The game lasted 4 hours and 30 minutes, with action is almost every single one of them.


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