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 Today I will talk about the Marcus Camby deal.  This trade makes perfect since for Denver, as they free up cap space and receive a 10 million dollar trade exception.  They might have been able to get more value, but we will never know.  Anyways, its still a good deal for Denver.

But what puzzles me is the Clippers making this trade at the time they did.  Sure, Camby would be a great conselation prize if they couldnt get Josh Smith or Emeka Okafor.....  But they didnt even make an offer to either one of those players!!! Why??  Josh Smith would have been a perfect fit for the Clippers but they didnt bother to make an offer......So what if Atlanta matches??  They still could  have gone to Okafor and made him an offer..He could do great things if he got to play PF instead of C like he did in Charlotte, but oh no, straight to Camby. 

 Nothing against Camby, but now the Clippers have 2 centers who are defensive minded.  Who is gong to be the low post presence down the stretch or in the playoffs????  Camby averaged 9.1 PPG and 13.3 RPG.  He is not a low post scorer.  He is great at doing the dirty work.  Which is good, dont get me wrong, but Kaman is essentially the same type of player with a little better offensive skills. 

The Clippers must think that Kaman will be able to score more in the post this year.  Me, Im still skeptical.  He averaged 15.7 PPG being the go-to low post scorer.  I just dont know if that combo will be able to score down low in the paint during the playoffs if they even make it to the playoffs.

But now lets talk about some of the benefits of this trade for the Clippers.  They now greatly improve their defensive FG% with the addition of Camby as well as their team RPG.  It will now be very tough to get a shot off down low for anyone undersized while playing the Clips.  Camby and Kaman average a combined 6.4 BPG and will make it very tough for the undersized and softer big men in the west. 

Camby also has a decent jump shot which will allow the Clippers to spread the floor and get Baron Daivis into to the paint.  Camby is also one of the best passing centers in the NBA and will be able to be effective from anywhere on the floor for the Clippers. 

The Clippers will now be a very formidable team in the West, Camby and Kamam will be a great defensive combo which will help them defend some of the best big men in the league while playing in the rugged Western conference.

Bottom line: Camby is a great conselation prize for not being able to land Smith ot Okefor and losing Elton Brand.  This move will keep the Clippers in the hunt for a playoff berth in the tough Western Conference.


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