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Ok I'm A huge fan of the major sports and I know that this is supposedly the slowest day in sports because we are in between the All-Star Break and regular season action in baseball, training camps haven't started up yet, and the Finals just ended. But, I'm here to tell you, that if you were at Foxboro, MA on Wednesday night, you wouldn't have guessed that there wasn't supposed to be action tonight. The New England Revolution were playing Pachuca, a club from Mexico, in their second SuperLiga match. This match had action drama and even a "border war."

Ok my dad was the president of my town's travel league for two years. He retired at the end of the spring season. As his going away gift, he recieved 4 tickets to last night's game. I was wicked excited. So I bought a Rev t-shirt, hat, and scarf, to show my part. When we arrived to our seats, I knew I was in for a interesting night, when in the section over there was a Mexican man, in the suit like an Aztec. The action was slow in the 1st half, with no scoring and two yellow cards (Khano Smith (NE) and Christian Gimenez (Pachuca)). Then, in the second half, the fans were all over Khano Smith and how we was playing, which was very lazy. 

Then late in the second half, after both teams had their chances, Pachuca had a corner kick and Rev midfielder Pat Phelan intercepted the header but collided heads with fellow midfielder Sainey Nyassi and Phelan's neck seemed to suddenly snap backwards and he became unconscious and was down for a good 10 minutes. He regained consciousness and was taken off in a strecher. But, during that period of time the Pachuca fans, scattered throughout the stadium, started to chant what I think was spanish for careful. This really pissed the REvs players and fans. So A guy in the section next to me started a U-S-A! chant and about 3/4 of the stadium was chanting it (I swear on my life that happened). It was like Lake Placid on a much smaller scale. Well, after that, there was 7 minutes of stoppage time, nothing special unitl the 6th minute, Nyassi was streaking down the sideline, crossed the ball in, and Pachuca defender Julio Manzur knocked down the cross with his hand to help the Revolution earn a penalty kick. Khano Smith, the goat for most of the second half, took the penalty kick, and buried it on the left side as goalkeeper Miguel Calero dove the wrong way to secure the Revolution victory. I doin't care if you aren't a fan of soccer, anyone would have loved to watchthat game. That game, in my mind, shows that great sports never takes a day off.


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