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Let me begin by saying that there are several things wrong with Peter King's list of QB rankings.  This ridiculous assertation  by Peter King has led me to do my own list of QB rankings from 1-32.  So here we go...

 1.  Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts -- Manning is still in his prime and I wouldve had Tom Brady here if it werent for that little thing called a Super Bowl that Manning won last year.  Now he has a championship to go with those gaudy stats, which is why he's number 1.

2.  Tom Brady, New England Patriots -- Brady is consistently consistent by winning and putting up nice statistics.  Granted his stats are not Manning like but theyre good enough for a Pro Bowl every year.

3.  Carson Palmer, Cincinnati Bengals -- Palmer is young and talented and has turned the Bengals into a winner...sort of.

4.  Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints -- Brees was awesome after coming back from that nasty shoulder injury and he resurrected an entire franchise.

5.  Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams -- one of the most underrated QBs in the NFL, Bulger always puts up numbers and with more weapons this season (Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael) he'll be even better.

6.  Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles -- Sure McNabb has been injured off n on the last two years but he's still amazing when healthy.  Remember it was just 3 years ago that he was in the Super Bowl.

7.  Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks -- Hasselbeck might have been higher had he not lost all of his WRs over the past few years.  Expeckt Hasselbeck to return to his Super Bowl form soon.

8.  Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers -- Rivers is a very mature quarterback despite his inexperience.  That's what sitting for two years will get you.  Just think how good Aaron Rodgers is gonna be!

9.  Vince Young, Tennessee Titans -- The best young QB the NFL has seen since Dan Marino, VY is the most exciting player in the game. 

10.  Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys --  Romo surprised many NFL fans and "experts" last year by playing surprising well and earning a trip to the Pro Bowl.  This year as a full time starter and T.O.'s best friend he'll thrive and will take Dallas deep into the postseason.  And it doesnt hurt to have Carrie Underwood on his arm.

11.  Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers -- I know lots of people are going to have a problem with me putting Favre this high but he really does deserve to be her.  He almost lead a Packers team last season that had very little experience to the playoffs.  If tightwad Ted Thompson would get Favre some real help he could easily take them to the Super Bowl.

12.  Jake Delhomme, Carolina Panthers -- Delhomme did struggle last season but I expect him to return to form this year.  He's just too good not to.

13.  Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers -- Big Ben has had injury issues as of late but when he's healthy he's one of the best game managing quarterbacks in the league which is really all he needs to do.

14.  Steve McNair, Baltimore Ravens -- The reason McNair slipped this far is because he's aging and his game is aging with him.

15.  Eli Manning, New York Giants -- Eli has shown flashes of greatness and he's only going to get better.  Plus his name's Manning.  If only he had an O-line.

16.  Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers -- Smith has finally matured as an NFL QB and has a good chance to take his 9ers into the playoffs. 

17.  Chad Pennington, New York Jets -- Pennington bounced back last year and proved he's still a good QB.  Now all he has to do is stay healthy.

18.  Jon Kitna, Detroit Lions -- I dont know why Peter King is in love with Kitna but at this point on the list he really is the best that's left out there.

19.  Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals -- Leinart, like Eli, lacks an offensive line.  As soon as the Cards fix that watch out.  Arizona will be a force to reckoned with on offense.

20.  Jay Cutler, Denver Broncos -- Cutler has enough weapons around him to be good.  He doesnt have to win games, he just needs to not lose them.

21.  J.P. Losman, Buffalo Bills -- the Bills youngster is slowly getting better and finally showed some promise last season.

22.  Trent Green, Miami Dolphins -- two years ago I wouldve had Green in the top 5 but he hasnt been the same QB since that concussion.  Here's to hoping he turns it around in Miami

23.  Jeff Garcia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Garcia had an awesome year last season with the Eagles.  But do you remember his years in Detroit and Cleveland?  He'd like to forget them too.

24.  Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons -- Sure he can run but he cant throw it in the ocean.  Maybe across the ocean, but not in it.

25.  Matt Schaub, Houston Texans -- You cant put him ahead of Vick.  Not yet.

26.  Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville Jaguars -- Leftwich cant seem to stay on the field and if he's not careful he'll lose his job to Garrard or maybe Daunte Culpepper.

27.  Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears -- Sexy Rexy cannot play consistently and he's proved it.

28.  Jason Campbell, Washington Redskins -- Cambpell showed signs of relevance last year and will go into this season as the Skins' starting QB.  I'd give him a few years before I put him higher.

29.  Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns -- whether he starts or not he's the best QB on the Browns roster.  And I've said since the draft that Quinn is better than Russel so I'm gonna stick by my guns.

30.  JaMarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders -- Russell may have a big arm and a big frame but with a porous offensive line and spotty receivers you cant expect much out of him in his rookie season.

31.  Tavaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings -- Jackson is greener than Al Gore and it'll show next season.

32.  Brodie Croyle, Kansas City Chiefs -- Brodie proved in college that he doesnt have the stamina needed to succeed in the NFL.  Start warmin up Damon Huard.     



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