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Mr. Epstein, as a displaced but avid Sox fan, I must insist that you put down your microbrew and copy of The Globe and look at the predicament you're in.  Yes...that one.  SHORTSTOP.

You've have helped bring 2 championships to Red Sox Nation in the past 4 years, and believe me- we appreciate it.  But we, as fans, are fickle and obnoxious, and have a definite "what have you done for me lately" mentality.

After watching Boston fall to The Wonderful World of Disney's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California last night, I was disgusted.  Disgusted with the play behind Bucholz.  And I feel compelled to remind you of what you already know to be true...

Alex Cora is not good. 

I know he's a backup, but get this- the guy he backs up?  You, know, Julio Lugo?

He's not good either.

I mean, these guys are seriously, seriously lousy.  To be clear, I don't really have a beef with Cora.  He's not supposed to be out there in the first place, and all things considered (playing time, salary, expectations) he's not the worst thing in the world.

But together, he and Lugo have created a completely untenable situation.

Maybe you're too close to this thing.  You have so much on your plate that one position doesn't faze you.  But we, Mr. Epstein, can see the forest for the trees.

Julio Lugo is DEAD LAST in fielding percentage among shortstops in the major leagues.  and I use the word DEAD for a reason.  A corpse really wouldn't be such a downgrade. 

As a loyal BP guy, you must track his VORP (Value over replacement player) and you therefore must know that you could plug in pretty much any guy off the street and have him do just as well as Julio.

But perhaps I'm being unfair.  I mean he does have...uh...ONE home run.  And he is batting...oh, only .268.  That's helpful.  But at least his OPS out of 20 qualifying shortstops (3rd to last in slugging?  Really??).

So let me get this straight: 

He can't hit for average
He can't hit for power.  At all.
He's an absolute black hole in the field.

What exactly is he doing for the team?

Keep Cora as the backup, I don't care.  But for the love of God, give Lowrie a shot at regular playing time!  He can't possibly be any worse.

Now I know and you know that Lowrie, with only 47 at bats under his belt, has a lot to prove.  But look at the small sample of numbers that we do have:

Lowrie: .277/ .308/ .426 for an OPS of .734.  Plus a fielding % of .972 at short.
Lugo: .268/ .355/ .330 for an OPS of .685 (vomit).  And a fielding % of .945 (projectile vomit).

I don't care that you screwed up and gave Lugo a 4-year $36 million deal. (By the way, what the hell were you smoking?)  It's time to man up, cut your losses, and fix the problem.

Bench the guy who can't play.  Give the kid a chance. 



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