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Head Kick KO

Part 1 of 2 from the July 19th MMA Doubleheader of Affliction and UFC.
Featuring the fights that made up the preliminary televised portion of each event.

Affliction: Banned
July 19th Anaheim, California


Vitor returns with a stunning knock out

Vitor looks down at his KO'd opponent
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Vitor Belfort d. Terry Martin via Knock Out (Punch) in Round 2. All 7 picked correctly.

This was the live fight of the FSN portion of the card. Vitor is coming off of a few wins in some smaller orgs while Martin is coming off of a DQ win in last month's Adrenaline card after being pegged in the nuts repeatedly by Daiju Takase. 

Round 1. The entire round was contested on the feet. Vitor appeared to be very patient looking to counter. Martin's background in boxing led him to some combination attempts, but Vitor avoided any damage. Round 2. Vitor comes out with a flying knee yet Martin is able to grab the leg. Vitor punches until they he releases the hold. Vitor closes the distance and comes through with a right uppercut and a straight left combination that knocks Martin out. Martin winds up laying down against the ropes as the fight is called.

Mike Pyle d. JJ Ambrose via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1. 5 out of 7 were correct.

This fight kicked off the 4 hour PPV. Pyle is coming off of a loss to Jake Shields at an EliteXC event from last year, while Ambrose is making a step up in competition and into the big leagues off MMA.

Round 1. Stuffed takedown by Ambrose, Pyle takes control and gets a bodylock takedown into side control. He than transitions to the back, but Ambrose rolls and Pyle uses it to attempt an arm triangle choke. Ambrose escapes the hold and rolls to his back. This becomes a mistake, because from there Pyle uses punches to soften Ambrose up while getting his back and locks in a fight ending rear naked choke.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira d. Edwin Dewees via TKO (Punches) in Round 1. All 8 were correct.

Rogerio, is the brother of UFC Heavyweight Champion Rodrigo is coming off of a win in the now defunct HCF org in Canada over Todd Gouwenberg, after taking a year between fights since the demise of PRIDE. Dewees is a late replacement for Vernon White who was denied a license by the CSAC.

Round 1. Dewees throwing kicks to start the round, lead to a clinch in the corner where pressure by Rogerio caused Dewees to fall against the ropes, Rogerio in Dewees' full guard working ground and pound. After they stood up they went into a thai clinch where Rogerio threw some knees, than backed away and threw some punches and went back into the clinch. Again backing out, Rogerio this time knocked Dewees down with a left hook. Rogerio seized the oppertunity and finished the fight with punches forcing a ref stoppage.

Matt Lindland d. Fabio Negao via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds. All 7 were correct.

After more than a year away from MMA competition, Matt Lindland is coming off of a loss to the main event fighter Fedor Emelianenko at a Bodog event. Negao, an unknown, fighting mostly in smaller shows in Brazil is coming off of a loss to recent UFC acquisition Rousimar Palhares.

Round 1. Lindland came out strong and knocked Negao down with a straight left. He than rushed in and locked a guillotine choke in, rolling into mount causing the choke to tighten. Negao tried to buck him off but is still stuck. Eventually the hold is broken. Lindland worked some ground and pound from the guard. Round 2. Lindland is wobbled with a punch, but nothing serious. Most of the round looked alot like drunken boxing. Late double leg takedown by Lindland and some ground and pound. Round 3. Both fighters appeared to be gassed out, leading to some sloppy boxing again. Lindland shoots and gets a takedown, but they fall through the ropes causing a restart. Lindland lands a nice knee before the round ends. Too bad the fight didnt end with that guillotine in round one.

Other Affliction Prelim results.

Paul Buentello d. Gary Goodridge via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds. Was on the FSN portion of the card. Did not see this fight. Goodridge replaced Aleksander Emelianenko on 1 day's notice because Aleks was denied by the commision and an event Goodridge was supposed to fight on was cancelled last week.

Justin Levens vs Ray Lazema This fight was cancelled due to time constraints. They were paid their show money + half of their win bonus.


UFC Fight Night: Silva vs Irvin
July 19th Las Vegas, Nevada

TV: SpikeTV

Quick turn around for Dollaway

CB's peruvian neck tie submission.
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CB Dollaway d. Jesse Taylor via Submission (Peruvian Neck Tie) in Round 1. Only 3 out of 8 picked correctly.

Most of these fights were scrambled up on less than six weeks notice. CB is coming off of a loss at last month's TUF 7 Finale as he lost in the finals to Amir Sadollah. Taylor on the other hand is coming off a long break after not losing during TUF 7 but was kicked off the show for antics involving a limo. 

Round 1. Takedown by Taylor. CB reversed position after nothing big from Taylor. During a scramble CB landed an illegal knee to Taylor's head while his knees were on the ground. He was warned and Taylor was given some time to recover. CB stuffed a takedown from Taylor. While on the ground, CB used this position to end the fight. He had an over/under lock, wrapping his arms around Jesse's right arm and head. With this position he brought his right leg over Jesse's head and torqued back with his hands locked, the leg was there to add pressure to the opposite way forcing a vice like grip and choking Jesse, causing him to tap out. Pic of this will be added.

Kevin Burns d. Anthony Johnson via TKO in Round 3. I'm fairly certain this will be reversed to a NO CONTEST, but for now 6 out of 7 picked correctly.

Burns is coming off of his UFC debut after submitting BJJ black belt, Roan Carneiro last month in England. Johnson is coming off of a buzzsaw demolition of Tom Speer earlier this year.

Round 1. Both come out strong looking to trade strikes. Clinch and some knees by Burns before they seperate. Both landing hooks and low kicks during some exchanges. Takedown by Johnson into Burns' full guard, mostly body punches and elbows. Defended well by Burns' causing a stand up by the ref. Round 2. The all action round. Knee from Johnson backs Burns up to the fence, which is followed by a flying knee that is partially blocked. Johnson throwing more punches which Burns defends well against, as well as catching a leaping knee which led to a clinch. Seperates. Johnson lands a big left but Burns eats it and grins. Turning into a good striking battle as a knee from Johnson is answered by a T kick and a flush head kick from Burns. Johnson took them both and followed with another takedown. Stand up after a lull in the action, Johnson gets poked in the eye and the ref warns him for it. Round 3. Early takedown and some minimal ground and pound from Johnson. Ref stand up. Brief exchange and another takedown for Johnson. Again no damage and another ref stand up. During an exchange Johnson is again clearly poked in the eye and goes down immediately. The ref must not have seen it and concentrated on the follow up uppercut that completely missed because he made no motion to give Johnson time to recover. Burns didnt know what was going on and went in for some punches because Johnson was laying on the ground covering his eye and the ref stops the fight for a TKO. The ref cant overturn a decision right there, so Johnson and his camp SHOULD protest the decision with the NSAC to at least get it ruled a no contest or possibly a win because of the earlier warning near the end of round two.

Cain Velasquez d. Jake O'Brien via TKO (Punches) in Round 1. All 7 picked correctly.

Velasquez is one of the top young heavyweight prospects. The wrestler from Arizona State is coming off of his UFC debut, a win over Brad Morris at UFC 83. O'Brien is one of the beneficiaries of the short notice event as he was re-signed specifically for this event after losing to Arlovski earlier this year.

Round 1. They clinch and Cain uses a whizzer to get O'Brien to the ground and into side control. After some posturing, Cain works into the crucifix position by locking down O'Brien's left arm with his legs and controlling his right arm with his own body weight. This opened up clear sailing for some flush punches to O'Brien's face. After about 40-50 clean short range punches, the ref HAS to step in and stop the fight because O'Brien just could not get out of the crucifix to defend himself.

Rory Markham d. Brodie Farber via KO (Head Kick) in Round 1. 6 out of 7 picked correctly.

This was shown after the main event because there was time. Markham was one of the top prospects from the IFL, now making his UFC debut after a win at last month's Adrenaline card vs Jay Ellis. Farber is also a young prospect making his UFC debut after several wins in smaller orgs.

Round 1. Strong punching exchanges by both fighters. Very aggressive action. Farber pushing the pace landing hard punches forcing Markham to keep moving backwards. Farber looking very confident closing the distance. He threw a straight right hand but left his left side completely wide open. Markham seizes the oppertunity and unloads a highlight reel, fight ending Head Kick KO!!! Instant classic for their next Ultimate Knockouts DVD.

Unaired Prelim Results.

Shannon Gugerty d. Dale Hartt via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1.
Brad Blackburn d. James Giboo via TKO in Round 2.
Nate Loughran d. Johnny Rees via Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 1.
Tim Credeur d. Cale Yarbrough via TKO in Round 1.


Part 2 featuring the main cards of each event is now posted.





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