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AHNN: Welcome to the Round 4 Preview show!

** Bigalke grumbles and takes swig from a highball glass filled with bourbon **

Bigalke: Here I am, in all my dearly-dumped splendor -- by a replacement!!! -- but, unkempt or not, here I am for the predictions on a tournament in which I no longer participate...

AHNN: Well we had a lot of problems with round 3- and I know.

Bigalke: I know, I know... let’s just get on with the show... and can we stop calling these winners' and losers' brackets? I'm just going to post this thing with win-loss records in the tournament from now on... those who have made it here to this point don't deserve to be called losers -- they have a loss among the best in the land... and are still alive. From now on, also, these shows will be one episode a round... the field has narrowed, the action is intense... welcome to Round Four...

** finishes glass and grabs Makers Mark bottle to refill ** 




#17 NCshvDavid (3-0)
#4 Ghosthunter (3-0)

AHNN: AM I EVER GOING TO GET A HIGHER SEED! He-SUS I swear I CANNOT catch a break here! I mean Nick was Higher, D-Fan was the Top Dog…

Bigalke: GOAT was lower...

AHNN: Look I am talking to the people STILL IN THIS TOURNEY!!!

** Bigalke, unable to hold it anymore, starts to weep and curls into a fetal position **

AHNN: Look I’m sorry, I’m just venting- Look I’ll send Dyhard for some icecream ok? That make you feel better?

** Bigalke nods and gets back in chair **

Bigalke: Must be the whiskey talking...

AHNN: Ok, Ghost is the number 4 seed- and we just matched up in the SIFS Finals- and I won in large part to a FF turn in round 3- and I am sure Ghost will not repeat that error here-

Bigalke: Ghost... David... this one will definitely be a tough one... I want to see Ghost really stick it to you... how is the topic selection going? Anything fun?

AHNN: This one should be fun- Ghost is going to have to go NFL here- since he keeps sending me cycling topics- Fun thing is I told him I would have to tag my partner here in to handle the cycling topic and he quickly said NFL is good for us. Keep in mind we BOTH got Shellacked by Porkins last 2 weeks.

We both as well as Porkins Picked this matchup – so I am going with me.

Dyhard: Dave - Vote on his TD...or you get an angry clown...hide your children!

Ghost - Where'd he go? He'll come and you won't see him...he'll still won't see him. He'll **** the **** out of ya!

AHNN: David
Bigalke: Ghost -- he’s gets to pick that topic selection...
Dyhard: David




#6 Porkins (3-0)


#10 0x NBA/NFL Champion (3-0)

AHNN: This one should be good- Porkins JUST got by Hemo, and then runs into 0x, who is also on a TEAR- things just don’t get any easier for the Piggy Wiggly of Fannation

Bigalke: Porkins can take anyone, though... here I sit, still winless against the guy after all these months, and even after I get to choose the topic! It doesn’t matter how he goes... he’s GOOD... but he's venturing into new territory. These two throwdowners have never met before... so I'm curious as to which direction they will go. I like Porkins chances better since he could easily go obscure with the topic selection...

AHNN: I’m looking for a NCAA or MLB topic here- and to think the winner of these two is going to face me- I do like watching 0x go at it- and Porkins is still the Big monster in the tourney. I would like to state that I picked this matchup last round-  both you and Porkins picked Wallace here.

Bigalke: 0x is a great throwdowner, don’t get me wrong... but the guy fails to see what is wrong with Hubert H. Humphrey... my brains and my gut just won’t stand for me leaning in that direction...

Dyhard: Porky - He will eat you...that is why he is still in the winner's bracket...he has eaten his opponents and advanced just cuz of that.

0x-his teams haven't won a championship, he won't win this either, hence his name.

AHNN: Porkins
Bigalke: Porkins
Dyhard: Porky




#25 GOAT (2-1)


#5 PhillyEagles36 (2-1)

AHNN: I am LOVING this matchup- First since it is in the losers bracket- it means I am in the winners, second Philly is going to HAVE to pick a NBA topic and GOAT 2.0 has been KILLING folks with NFL topics- Heck I went all tennis on him to knock him out.

Bigalke: First, let's steer clear of that losers' bracket stuff... you could still end up facing EITHER of these guys. Second, here's a simple equation for all you fans out there in FanNation land: Tennis plus David equals brain damage... but I digress. GOAT has the moves... he dealt me that first loss. Philly is good... but there’s been some question marks at times.

AHNN: Okay, Bigalke -you are still sensitive about that whole elimation thing, aren't you?

** Bigalke takes another drink and lights a cigarette **

Bigalke: Let's just stay away from such labels... okay?

AHNN: Okay... Philly has been damaged a bit in the tourney- but as long as he is alive and “cousin” Nick is alive as well- Philly is going to want to stay in there.

Bigalke: Philly will fight with ruthless tenacity... but my gut tells me not to vote against guys who have knocked me down...

Dyhard: GOAT - Greatest Of All Time...of what you ask? Who knows.

PhillyEagles36 - Lives in the Dallas area, likes the Eagles. Cowboys' fans be aware!

Bigalke: GOAT
Dyhard: Philly

#2 WALLACE (2-1)


#14 thehemogoblin (2-1)

AHNN: I am not going to lie- Hemo is scary-good right now, and with the runs he has gone on- I am glad the Porker knocked him out.

Bigalke: He's not down and out yet, David... don't breathe TOO easy. What I want to know is: Is this the moment we see Wallace take an ACTUAL loss and not just a time forfeiture? As David says, Hemo is on fire... even I wouldn’t want to face him right now...

AHNN: Wallace Sadly timed out due to vacation (people LET ME KNOW) but in this format he still is a threat to everyone. I am going to pick Hemo and GOAT 2.0 simply because this going to be, if it happens two VERY good up and comers looking to move up in the pecking order.

Bigalke: This is also a matter of who is on better form right now. Hemo HAS form... Wallace still, despite winning a couple, looks a little rusty at times... and that will be fatal in this tournament...

Dyhard: Wallace - is on the top..then runs away.

hemo-He's the H0M0 goblin, not the hemo goblin.

Bigalke: Oh, come on now... is THAT really necessary? Okay... you get the ONE...

AHNN: Hemo gets back on track
Bigalke: Hemo
Dyhard: Hemo

#30 SS
#20 dyhard

AHNN: This one is a bit of an upset- D-Fan timed out vs SS and Dyhard, well stinks.

Bigalke: Frankly, I am sick of seeing people time out. I know that the tournament requires some time from the beautiful summer, but honestly -- why’d you join if you can’t play the game? I love this matchup... both these guys are ready to throwdown...

AHNN: I do like this one- both of these two are both in that VERY good category, and Dyhard handed me my last loss- and I am not ABOUT to reveal SS vs me record on international internet.

Bigalke: I could do it, but that would be cruel... both these guys are underrated and it will be a shame to see one bow out...

AHNN: If you started naming off the best TDers on this site you might skip both of these- but later you will be like HOW DID I MISS THAT? Kind of like Cris Carter on great Wideouts

Dyhard: Super Squirel - He is super squirelly, he can't still sit for very long.

dyhard - I'm me!

AHNN: Dyhard  -only because he brought IceCream
Bigalke: Bribery works... I really needed that ice cream...
Dyhard: ME!

#9 Duquesne (2-1)
#21 Stowe (2-1)

AHNN: Stowe pulled this out by outliving Cain.

Bigalke: Duquesne pulled it out by outliving me...

AHNN: This one should be pretty good- Cappy is a lawyer learning his trade, Stowe was around when Hammurabi was writing law. Cap has the high seed here- and I know Stowe is looking for blood.

Bigalke: Love these guys both... this one is a tough one.

AHNN: Cap is now the most evil person on Fannation- I’m like 0-fer 4 vs him, PLUS he’s a lawyer! Meaning even if I DO beat him oneday- he’s gonna get it overturned in court!

Bigalke: Nah... all the attorneys I’ve ever known have spent more time on sites like FanNation than doing actual work... but billing clients all the same. Hey, if you can get away with billing a client hundreds an hour for your internet time, so be it... I’ve got the win against him, though... while I’m only 1-2 against Stowe. Gotta go with the man dodging the military over the guy dodging the courtroom...

Dyhard: Duq - He went to college to be in law....he lost to someone? He isn't going to have much success in the court room.

Rich - Do the TD quick before he forgets where he is.

AHNN: Stowe  -got to go with Age over . .  .Clarence Thomas 2.0
Bigalke: Stowe
Dyhard: Duq





#11 DjRoxalot (2-1)

#26 Ram (2-1)


Bigalke: Just a note... both the losses in these guys' records are losses inherited from the people whose slots they took over in the second round of the tournament... each is technically undefeated in Elite play... 

AHNN: This one will be GOOD- I’ll be honest I like DJ as a person- but he is not exactly who I would consider a Major contender in this race. Ram would be, both of these two manned up and took a spot in the losers bracket to see what they could do.

Bigalke: DjRoxalot did a great job in his elimination throwdown against me... I’ve always admired his work, and he pulled off what -- in these bombastic bloviating commentators’ mind, at least -- was viewed as an upset. Tip of the hat... but at the same time Ram was the one person I was upset about NOT having in this tournament more than anyone else, so that gut feeling has to mean something, right?

AHNN: Here is the thing- How many TDers on here can List Porkins, Me, Bigalke AND Dennis 24 on their Hit List? Ok me not so much but the other three? DJ Can, and that ALONE is going to make Ram not take him lightly, add to that the no margin for error in this bracket- and Ram is going to REALLY have to watch his step.

Bigalke: Again, got to go with gut feeling... haven’t seen Ram debating much lately... though that could be as much me as it is him. Doesn’t matter... for these two late entries, the magic goes out on the man who eliminated me... or does it? Can't go against my formula...

Dyhard: Djroxalot - He rocks at what? Who knows.

The Ram - his horns will pin you down

Bigalke: DjRoxalot
Dyhard: Ram




#16 Nick

#31 Dudeman

AHNN: Finally, Nick came out of his 3-2 win . . .

Bigalke: Still ticks me off. I can’t fathom that only five people made it to this thing... sadly, though I had viewed it several times throughout the debate, my inability to make it back makes me among those who did NOT vote, though Nick looked good in this debate...

AHNN: Me too. But I still think Nick should have won- If this TD was 13-12 I would have been ok. Anyway, no one expected Dudeman to be here-

Bigalke: Whomever had Dudeman lasting longer than D-Fan in here is a rich man.

AHNN: Pop quiz longer odds: The Falcons going 19-0 this year and beating the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl – Or Dudeman making it farther than D-Fan?

Bigalke: Well, since we’ve already seen ONE of these happen...

AHNN:  We kid- fact of the matter is we can kid on Dudefan all we want- but there are several Hall of Famers sitting at home, and he is still here- but bottom Line is Nick is a tough out- and Nick does hold the higher seed.

Bigalke: Nick gets topic choice, has won the only previous contest between these two, and should come through this... but I’m going to go with the underdog to stay alive another week... if only to dissent from David...

Dyhard: Nick - He drives for a living...he'll be trying to drive for a victory here.

Dudeman - He might be a dude, but is he a man? I say no.

AHNN:  Nick
Bigalke: Dudeman in the colossal upset to continue his improbable run
Dyhard: Nick

Bigalke: Well, there you go folks... I may be down and out as one of the contestants, but I’ll still be here in the booth every round through until a champion is crowned... some good Jamaican rum must first be procured, though... until then, may the debating remain as high-quality as it has been so far throughout the tournament... and David will be sending links, so...

** in unison **

AHNN, Bigalke & Dyhard:




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