The Opinion of the One They Call Wallace

Well, apparantly it's a thing to write a blog upon being here for 365 days. Didn't realize it, but I reached that mark 3 days ago. Haven't had a blog out in awhile and was bored as hell so here we go.

 Well, it's been a good year on here I guess. I've had some decent debates and met some pretty kool people like:

 Stecky- Screw UNC. Screw the Eagles. Screw the Flames. Screw the Phillies. But he's still kooler than you.

 Ef- Truly one of the koolest guys on here. He's had my back for a long time, and I appreciate that. Not afraid to speak his mind, true, but still one of the most insightful, knowledgable, and homeristic fans on here.

Dfan- Probably one of the first friends I had on here. Hell of a TDer, easily one of if not the best of all time. He's always been pretty kool, and he likes Michigan which is always a bonus.

Duquesne- One of my better friends on this site. I think we started talking through a PSU argument (yes, Michigan is still better). He's always been a kool guy, a great TDer, and an awesome member.

buck-i-girl- You may like OSU, but it's always been fun talking to you.

Anthony E. - Get out of the hell hole of Easton before you get shot. Haha, you've definitely been one of the koolest and nicest people on here. Hopefully you'll come back temporarily, but it's been fun. Even when you did kick me out of the group that I pretty much helped keep running!

Hyped- One of the few soccer fans on here. To hell with the portugal team, but it's been great having some good conversations with you. The Most Underated TDer On Here Easily.

0x- One of the best bloggers and koolest guys here. Period.

The Guru- Don't talk much anymore, but we used to be pretty good friends. Always enjoyed reading your stuff and a pretty funny guy.

Dallas Clark- She hasn't been on much anymore, but one of the nicest people on here. I miss the conversations of old, but it was nice to know ya.

Badgerfan- Really cool guy. Knows Big Ten Football inside and out.

All of Atroo- I hate you all. You all suck. Well, they've given me a place to relieve bordom, and for that I'm greatful. Truly some of the most...err...charismatic people on this site. I've enjoyed talking to each and every one of them. Except for Esco. And Cardsox. And cheez. You can all burn in hell.


Umm...can't think of anything else to write except thanks to everyone that I've become friends with, who I've yelled at, who hate me, or who actually like me. All of you have maken this place just a kool place to come every once in awhile and chill.


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