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Misc items related to the Birds:

 -  Erik Bedard is now on the DL , and reported to be out until mid-August at least.  This news would seem to put to rest any possibility of the Cards acquiring him, which may be a good thing.  Any possible AJ Burnett deal also appears to be dead.   From comments Mozeliak has made recently, it doesn't appear that any deal for a starting pitcher is on the radar.

 - When the Cardinals beat San Diego on Thursday behind 4 solo HRs (one by Ankiel, two by Glaus and one by Joe Mather), it marked only the second time in 50 years that the Cardinals scored 4 runs on four solos HRs.   The last time was April 14, 2001, with the HRs coming from Jim Edmonds, Bobby Bonilla, Albert Pujols and J.D.Drew.  The ironic twist??    The starting pitcher for the Cardinals that day......was Rick Ankiel.

 -  I've been pretty critical of Ron Villone on this site, but his last three appearances have been much improved.  His location is better, and he's been getting lefties out.   A more solid presence from Villone would do wonders for the bullpen in the second half.

-  Last week I wrote on a post that the bullpen should be the number #1 priority in any additions being looked at by Mozeliak.  This week has only reinforced that opinion.  The offense has remained hot, with Troy Glaus, Ankiel and Ryan Ludwick just pounding the ball.  Adding to that is the good progress being made by Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright in their attempts to return to the rotation, a situation is presented where the starting pitching and offense are good enough to contend.  The Bullpen has continued to struggle and remains the one spot most in need of an upgrade.

 -  Mozeliak deserves a lot of credit for the acquisition of Troy Glaus.  With the feud between TLR and Rolen reaching a point of no return last off-season, Mo was dealing from a definite position of weakness.   Everybody in the league knew that he HAD to move Rolen, and it would have been easy to settle for something much less than equal value.   What he has gotten in Glaus though, is a significant upgrade from Rolen of 2005-07.   Glaus has added pop and presence to the lineup, while playing stellar defensively.   I would have to guess that there is much less whining in the Cardinal clubhouse as well.

 -  Speaking of Carpenter, he had a decent showing in his AA rehab start today.   Carp went four innings and allowed only one hit, although he struggled with his control, allowing four walks.  I think a little control issue in his first game in 15 months is nothing to worry about.  The best news is that he reported his arm feeling fine after the game.

 -  I mentioned this on another thread, but Mozeliak did not give me a good feeling about the club's attempt to sign Kyle Lohse.   Mo seemed to bristle and want to avoid the question in a recent interview.

 -  Chris Duncan is starting to hit the ball a little bit better.....maybe that will help strengthen the Bird's trade position.   Since it seems that Duncan is always going to get playing time, it creates a better situation with all four OFs being productive.




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