Riffs of Reilly-MDPRIDE111 Musings

In 1892, Maryland Agricultural College plays first football game.

 In 1911, Curly Byrd comes to coach Maryland. Brings instant success in the Southern Conference.

In 1945, Maryland promotes an assistant by the name of Paul Bryant, he leaves the next year and goes on to become the greatest NCAAF coach of all time. In 1947, Maryland makes first bowl game and ties Georgia 20-20. In '49, Maryland finishes 14th in AP Poll.

To start the fifties, we build Byrd Stadium. Finishes the season 15th, and we beat #2 Michigan St.. '51, finishes 3rd. Beats #1 Tennessee in bowl game. '52 was a highlight year, Ed Madzelewkski goes in the first round of the NFL Draft, and is ranked #2 preseason. We finish the season #13. '53 was even better, Jack Scarbath goes in the first round, win the ACC and despite losing our bowl game, WIN THE FREAKING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! In '54, Bernie Faloney goes in the first round, and we finish 8th. '55, Dick Bieleski goes in first round too. Upset #1 UCLA, Co-ACC Champs, and lose to Oklahoma again in Orange Bowl. Finishes 3rd. In '56, Bob Pellegrini & Ed Vereb selected in the first-round of the NFL Draft. In '57 our only highlight was beating #14 UNC.  In '59, beat Clemson when they were ranked #11.

In 1960, we beat #8 Clemson, in '61, we beat #7 Syracuse, '62, Gary Collins goes in the first round, and '63, Darryl Hill breaks the color barrier in the ACC. That is the only exciting things in the '60's.

In 1972, Jerry Claiborne becomes head coach. '74, wins ACC, lost to Tennessee in bowl and finished #13. '75, Randy White is a first rounder, ACC Champs, beat Florida 13-0 in bowl and finishes #13. In '76, we finish the regular season undefeated, win ACC, and lose to Houston in bowl, #8. '77, Joe Campbell selected first round, beat Minnasota in bowl. In '78, we lose to Texas in bowl and finish the season #20. In '79, we beat #18 UNC. In the crazie 1980's was very successful.

'80, we lose to Florida in the Tangerine Bowl. '82, Bobby Ross takes over, we beat Washington in Aloha, and we finish #20th. In '83, we win ACC, and lose to Tennesse in bowl. In '84, Ron Solt & Pete Koch selected in the first-round of the NFL Draft, we make the biggest comeback in NCAA history against Miami, ACC Champs, beat Tennesse in Sun Bowl, and we finish #12. '85, ACC Champs, and we beat Cuse in bowl, and finish #18. In '86, Len Bias died and we go into slump. In '88, Terp Boomer Esiason leads the Bengals to an almost win over dynasty 49ers in Super Bowl.

In '90, we tie Louisiana Tech in bowl game. In '91, we build a new football complex. In '92, we put a bronze Terp in the tunnel to commemorate the centenial anniversery. In '93, former Terp QB Frank Reich that lead the comeback against Miami, comes from the back up and leads the Bills to a comeback playoff win against the Oilers. In '97, Chad Scott selected first round.

2001, Ralph Freidgon takes over and wins ACC and gets blown out in the Orange Bowl against Florida, finishes #11, Ralph wins coach of the year. In '02, we won the Peach Bowl over UT and finished #13. '03, we beat WVU in Gator Bowl and finished #17. '04, we beat #5 FSU. In '05, Shawne Merriman goes in the first round, and we came back against UVA in a 28 point 4th quarter comeback. '06, Vernon Davis goes #8 in NFL Draft, and we flirt with the top #25 for a while and we beat Purdue in the Champs Sports Bowl. In '07, we beat Rutgers and BC, we lost to Oregon St. in the Emerald Bowl.


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