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Based on this weekends PPV's is there any doubt that Fedor and "The Spider" are the two most dominant fighters in the world? I was among the doubters of "The Last Emperor", but it wasn't because I had not seen him fight, it was based on his level of compitition since he win against Cro Cop back in 2005. I will be the first to say that I was dead wrong. Tim Sylvia while not a great fighter by any means was tough compition just based on the size difference. Sylvia, as I have stated before clearly has faced tougher compition over the past three years. None of that mattered once the bell rang that was one of the most dominant wins I have seen in a while. While I have learned not to doubt Randy Couture in anything he puts his mind to, I don't think he needs to get into the right with Fedor. The guy is an assasin in the ring. Put him in the cage it won't make a difference. I don't care if they fought in a parking lot I think Fedor would go right through Couture easily. Barnett and Arlovski had impressive showings, too, but I don't think they would really last all that much longer than Sylvia did. I was of the school of thought that if Fedor had a weakness it would be his standup game against Sylvia. He had Sylvia down by strikes in what 15 or 20 seconds? Wow just impressive. Anderson Silva made a leap in class to Light Heavy and showed no signs at that weight that he would be any less dominant that he was at Middleweight. That punch he landed on Irvin once he caught that kick had him in lala land. He needs to change his name to "The Surgeon" because I don't think his power is any greater than someone like Rich Franklin, but his precision is like that of a surgeon with a patient on the table. WoW. So we saw probably the two best fighters on the planet go at it for a grand total of 1:37 glad I didn't pay $50.00 for that. I wouldn't have been too damn happy. Affliction though has without a doubt the best group of heavies in the MMA world. Looking at UFC in particular the only weight class that does not have a truely dominant champ is Light Heavy and Heavy weight. UFC is finally going to have some real compitition if Affliction came close to or turned any kind of profit this weekend. Let's be real when people think of fighters they think of big guys and Affliction was really smart when it signed its fighters by getting most of the best heavies in the world on their roster. Building the company from the highest profile weight class down will end up paying big dividends if they can generate money from their cards. Plus unlike UFC who sign their fighters to exclusive contract Affliction guys can fight who ever they want. UFC would be smart to maybe explore the waters with this a little bit and maybe co-promote a fight or two with some big name guys. Don't do a full card of co-promotion but maybe have a card where say its all UFC up until the main event of say Fedor vs. Randy, and see how it works out that way MMA doesn't become like boxing. I used to love boxing but I go so tired of seeing that there was 4 or 5 champs per weight class and no organization recognized other organizations champs in their rankings which is just crazy to me. There can be only one champ there is only one best fighter at a weight in the world not 5 best like in boxing. Will it ever come to pass that we will see UFC co-promote with other brands? The answer is probably not. I think Dana White's ultimate goal is to take UFC and make them what the WWE was after they bought up all the compitition and leave no doubt who the kind of the mountain is. Which in the long run while would be great as far as the fights we see on TV or PPV it would suck financially as then with no comp the prices of PPV's would probably soar through the roof. So on one hand you like seeing the UFC get some stiff comp so it will keep PPV prices down on the other hand you would like to see every great fighter in one organization that way there is no limit to great fights we get to see. How will it all shake out? Who knows as long as I get to see Fedor and all the other champs with stiff compitition I will be happy


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